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The Best 15 Restaurants in Tasmania, Australia

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Port Arthur Historic Site
/ 3498

Historic Site Visitor Centre, Port Arthur

There is no denying the rich historical significance of Port Arthur. In my opinion the self-guided tour is the best option for taking it all in. I too was a little disappointed with the boat/Isle of the Dead tour. It felt rushed and that the tourist were a hindrance. That being said, do not be discouraged from enjoying the rest of the site. There is history, drama, and architecture to be explored and marveled at. Overall an enlightening and rich experience.

Cascade Brewery Bar
/ 1363

140 Cascade Rd, South Hobart

The brewery tour showed the complete beer making process as well as history. tastings were generous. Lunch was a bit dear but the quality of food was high. Stout pies were flavourful.

Mures Lower Deck
/ 1460

Victoria Dock Downstairs 7000, Hobart

If you are looking for fine dining this is not it, sadly the excellent food is marred by the atmosphere. Dated, clunky furniture (no tablecloths), dull decor and hit and miss staff. Far to big and crowded to be pleasant. Please go back to your beginnings, small and quality. The food is generous in size and delightful but the dubious surroundings make it less so. Our wine did not arrive until the entrees were served and then the bread rolls came after entree too!

Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm Cafe
/ 988

9 Christmas Hill Rd 7304, Elizabeth Town

I recommend starting with dessert first! Had to go back a few times over to try out a variety of delisious dishes. Book a table to avoid dissapointment.

Drunken Admiral
/ 1000

Davey road 7000, Hobart

Love this place - great atmosphere, good value seafood.

Urban Greek
/ 696

103 Murray Street 7000, Hobart

Good service, plates were heated and of course the food was very good. All in all a nice meal. Only spoiler was very loud group nearby.

Bar Wa Izakaya
/ 669

216 Elizabeth St 7000, Hobart

Great range of Japanese beers and sake, friendly staff, and the Japanese fried chicken (Kare age) is by far the best I've had

Jackman & McRoss
/ 810

4 Victoria St 7000, Hobart

Amazing, sure it can take a little time but the food is incredible

Freycinet Marine Farm
/ 848

1784 Coles Bay Rd P.O Box 35 7215, Coles Bay

Fantastic oysters, mussels and scallops. Loved the outdoor seating and friendly service

Cataract on Paterson
/ 654

135 Paterson St 7250, Launceston

Have dined here several times since it has become Cataract on Paterson and had a lovely meal every time! Would name this one of the best restaurants in Launceston

/ 598

5, Knopwood Street 7000, Hobart

Not easy to find unless you know about it already, but the beer selection was great, and the atmosphere was tops! Nice to have quiet beer now and again, or a get together with a few mates. Might even get you're own set of couches! A must see.

Jailhouse Grill
/ 640

32 Wellington St 7250, Launceston

Absolutely delicious! Loved it so much. Only criticism being that it was a bit noisy. Can't blame them too much for being so popular though.

Harbour Lights Cafe
/ 638

29 Morrison St 7000, Hobart

Great all day breakfast facilities for day/night shift workers, With their range of fresh food and drink it was popular spot, but service was excellent for both sit down and takeaway customers,

Brooke Street Pier
/ 619

12 Franklin Whrf, Hobart

Mona ferries leave from downstairs.




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