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Port Arthur Historic Site Port Arthur
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Port Arthur Historic Site

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Historic Site Visitor Centre, Port Arthur

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When was port author made?

Can I take my dog on lead to the open port Arthur site's

What to do in Port Arthur

Me and my mates are planning to visit the place in mid January 2021. Do we have to go through the tours for the tickets or can we just get the tickets from the counter like any other sites? Any idea for the ticket prices if we get from the counter?

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Philip Turley


Absolutely fabulous, living history lesson, well worth coming to 😊

Carl Crowther


Really enjoyed Port Arthur and the Historic site. We stayed locally and enjoyed it over 3 days 2 nights. We did Port Arthur Historic Site in one full day arriving when it opens at 10am and one of the last to leave at 5pm. We are a family of 6 with 4 kids under 13 and everyone enjoyed the day. It's was very affordable to get into at just over $100 for us all and that pass allowed us to return the following day. The pass also included a 40min guided tour and a 30min boat ride out to the close islands. If trying to make the day affordable I'd recommend packing some food as it was very expensive onsite. Honestly though the price of the food is the only down side to what was a great day enjoyed. All staff and tour guides where friendly and accommodating, they are placed throughout the site and welcome conversation. The site itself is well laid out in beautiful grounds and with rich detailed signage placed alongside all the different things to see and touch. They've clearly spent some serious money to make the history of the site come alive throughout the various walls and plaques and illustrations and photographs that all come together to give you a great sense of what life was like. I would thoroughly recommend a visit if down the Hobart way.

Prajwal Bhetwal


One of the most beautiful places I have ever been in Australia. If you are visiting Tasmania this is a must visit place. You will have a guided tour here with lot of interesting history of convicts and the ruins. You'll have quite a distance to walk so have your walking shoes on and make sure you have plenty of time (pretty much a whole day) so that you can learn more about the place and its history and enjoy to fullest. You will also get a 20 minutes cruise around Port Arthur. Entry cost is $40 for adult and $30 for students so make sure you have a student ID card to get the concession.

Matthew Phillis


A great place of historical importance... We'll preserved, great tour guides and such a beautiful place. Your ticket $40/30 (student) gets you in, a short but interesting tour, a great boat ride and unlimited access to the site.

Sukhwant Singh


This place can’t be described with words. If you visiting Tasmania you can’t miss this history site. History with lots of amazing and disturbing facts. You would feel sorry for those who lost there lives on this great site. Make sure you have full day to explore the place or even night tours. Guides are well informative too..



Staff are lovely. We called ahead and they were even able to lend us a wheelchair for the day. It’s got pretty good accessibility, with ramps into most buildings, and even little buggies to ferry you around and up hills. Which is good, because they can get quite steep. Very good value, and really well taken care of. Would go back.

Craig Mackenzie


Loved it great tour will be back next year to do the ghost tour

John Jocys


The history all throughout this site is unbelievable. It made me appreciate what prisoners went through together with private residents that came to live within the community. The introductory tour was informative but the Commandants Tour went for 1.5 hrs and was really informative as we walked around the entire site. The Port Arthur Harbour cruise was also very informative offering food and drinks onboard.

Steven Bartlett


If you love history, the Port Arthur Historic Site takes you back in time to a harsh reality of the first convicts sent to Australia.

Dilshan Rupasinghe


Nice place and the tour guides are very knowledgeable and cheerful. Entry ticket is $40 and for that you getting a cruise tour as well. It’s recommended to do the cruise tour first and then the site tour. Otherwise you have to run up and down to catch the cruise.

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