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The Best 15 Restaurants in Dickson, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

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The Tradies
/ 529

2 Badham St, Dickson

Essence - where the food is left in the frier or grill way too long and everything comes with an overdose of salt. Nothing on the menu worth eating. Blueys serves awful coffee with poor service.

McDonald's Dickson
/ 433

Cnr Badham Street & Dickson Pl, Dickson

Full of fights, not a nice place

Pattysmiths Dickson
/ 137

6 Cape St, Dickson

Best chicken burger I have tried in Canberra, good to have another burger offering.

Flavours of Jiangnan
/ 84

G6/8 Cape St, Dickson

Delicious aromas, infused with spices, greeted me as I stepped into this new family atmosphere restaurant in Dickson. The service was swift, friendly and full with suggestions for my FussyEater. I found the pan-fried pork dumplings loaded with flavour, enjoyed the beef brisket (with home-made noodles!) and the vegetable springs rolls were demolished by FE. Our table of 6 were stuffed for under $100 and left debating who took which leftovers home.

Hanok Korean BBQ Dickson
/ 71

28 Challis St, Dickson

Meat was amazingly fresh. Awesome customer service. Perfect for dining with friends and family.

Chongqing Street Noodle
/ 68

19 Woolley St, Dickson

It tastes pretty good with reasonable price. But it is really spicy.

Mozzarella And Co.
/ 53

8/55 Woolley St, Dickson

Excellent wood fired pizza restaurant. They cook it at 900 degrees and each 30cm pizza from their pared back menu is light and fluffy. The menu is pretty much pizza, salad, a dessert and drinks. While you can gcmet takeaway the pizzas really need to be eaten fresh from the oven or they get soggy. Byo with no corkage charge for the win.

Wukong Hotpot - 大圣火锅
/ 53

G5/6 Cape St, Dickson

tradition chongqing hotpot,nice environment

Soundbox Karaoke & Bar
/ 70

Unit5/14 Woolley St, Dickson

Good value at $80/hour if you're splitting the cost between a group, but pretty rudimentary. The house wines and spirits are pretty awful, and the air conditioning in the rooms will spit water at you if you accidentally sit under it... But the selection on the karaoke machines is pretty good, the equipment in good condition, and the staff friendly, so overall it's a fair place to have some fun with some friends.

Little Wu Chinese Street Food 小武煎饼
/ 30

8 Cape St, Dickson

Taste good. Smell good, the price is ok. The service speed is ok. Good environment , good music. The portion is just not enough for me. Still hungry:)

/ 34

shop 2/1 Woolley St, Dickson

Most authentic Chinese bbq I ever had. A wide variety salad dishes goes amazing with beers.

Dickson Taphouse
/ 15

30 Woolley St, Dickson

Awesome Taphouse with plenty of seating, both indoor and outdoor available. A mixture of diner style booth seating, bar seating and leather lounges. 18 beer taps (6 standard and 12 rotating), all of them are independent breweries which is awesome for breweries around the country. A great range of spirits, and very nice looking food menu. Great location, definitely benefits from the corner block in the middle of Dickson. Drinks pricing is pretty standard for craft beer venues - $10ish a schooner, but happy hours (2 hours) available Monday - Friday from 4pm - 6pm. A tried and tested management team with staff from the Old Canberra Inn and Queenies behind the bar makes for a great experience. Family friendly also, room for prams, firm seating for the older generation and minimal stairs (1 step into a part of the the dining area). Will definitely be my go to for the beer options alone.

Papa J's Resto Bar
/ 19

G04/21 Challis St, Dickson

I don't know what it's really called, but the mushroom burger was fantastic. I will be coming back.

MK Tea House
/ 8

4/30-42 Dickson Pl, Dickson

Always kind people, best food in the dickson. So love it!

Dickson Cake Shop
/ 14

3/24 Dickson Pl, Dickson

Nicest staff ever. Pie was really really good. We would always come back here. Can definitely recommend coming here!!!




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