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The Best Restaurants in Dickson, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

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The Cheesecake Shop Dickson (ACT)
/ 15

1/5 Badham St, Dickson

The cakes are so fresh and delicious and the staff are friendly and helpful

Bakers Delight Dickson
/ 13

Dickson Shopping Centre 2 Dickson Place, Dickson

I love dickson it's a nice place ke

Coop at Soho
/ 9

352 Northbourne Ave, Dickson

Brodburger was excellent as per usual...

Vietnamese restaurant Dickson
/ 6

4 Dickson Pl, Dickson

Great friendly service, stayed open for me when they did not need to, that's service, food was very tasty and good portions, I would recommend, Michelin stars

Two Before Ten Dickson
/ 3

480 Northbourne Ave, Dickson

Their coffee is decent, and the food is okay. Their menu has a good selection of interesting items with plenty of options for vegetarian. The best part is their prices are reasonable for a cafe. I will definitely come back for the great value for money.

Pavilion on Northbourne Hotel
/ 4

242 Northbourne Ave, Dickson

We had stayed 3 nights there. It is a very nice place. It is not a new place but Room was spotless clean. This place is different from the normal.I am There is a grande garden in the middle of the building, very lovely. It gives me a calm feeling when I go there. I would like to mention that breakfast. Good selection of fresh and cooked food. Fresh baked danishes are super delicious. Let the staff know how you prefer the egg cooked. Italian style coffees are not included in the price, the rest of the breakfast drinks are included. $20 per person if you let reception know before 11pm the night before. It's worth.

Mr Cappuccino Wotso Workspace Dickson
/ 1

490 Northbourne Ave, Dickson

Great coffee and a good range of small bites

Colita's Takeaway
/ 0

61 Karuah St, Dickson

Miracle Ogunka
/ 0

Shop 07B, Dickson Chambers 25 Dickson Pl, Dickson




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