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The Best 15 Restaurants in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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Opera Bar
/ 2542

Sydney Opera House, Lower Concourse Level Macquarie Street 2000, Sydney

Pricey, but good atmosphere and you can't beat the location: Harbour bridge to the left, Opera House to the right.

Pancakes On The Rocks
/ 2560

22 Playfair St 2000, Sydney

I love their meat, pork ribs, beef ribs, wow

The Grounds of Alexandria
/ 2291

2 Huntley St Building 7A, Alexandria 2015, Sydney

Every bit as cool as expected, the Grounds serves up fantastic food with a side of eco-charm, and a swing set. No wonder its full to the brim with well healed young families and 4WD prams. For us car-less ruffians traversing to the Grounds is an investment in itself: you’ll find it sprawled amongst the technology parks and warehouses of Alexandria. On arrival we are greeted by an energetic matre de who informs us of a 35 minute wait for a table, and considering noon on a Sunday in the Inner West is equal to NYE in Kings Cross we consider this wait reasonable. Turns out this is just the right amount of time to marvel at the, um, Grounds; say hi to the chickens, marvel at how fabulous everything and everyone is, and steal a fresh strawberry from the garden (shhhh). Although we’re taken with the surroundings we can’t help but feel a bit like we’re jumping on a designer bandwagon and riding it all the way to yuppy-ville…something about the manicured look of the patrons doesn’t sit in line with the earthy nature of the chook pen and the garden beds. Juxtapositions aside we are in tactile heaven as we explore the artefacts dotted around the place and nab the odd mint leaf to inhale dramatically. The inside of the restaurant is no less pleasing than the garden; brick and old wood textures complimented by farmhouse fittings all work together with that mismatched beauty that only careful design can achieve. Unsurprisingly the coffee is fabulous, I’ve no idea how to properly dissect coffee flavour so instead I will simply say that the temperature was perfect, the flavour full, and it had an absolutely smooth finish (no bitter aftertaste – a pet peeve of mine). Now to the really important stuff: fodder. We were both blown away by the food, it’s hands down perfection. We ordered a roast beef, marinated papers, shaved pecorino and caper salad ($15), which was served with two char grilled pieces of sourdough. The beef was rare and tender, the dressing perfectly balanced and set off by some fresh parsley and chives, the pecorino a lovely creamy taste and the capers the perfect acidic injection to pull the whole thing together. The scrambled eggs with smoked cheddar, herbs, roasted field mushrooms and sourdough ($16) has taken the very heavily researched title of Best Eggs Ever and got such a vocal response from my lady that I felt quite jealous of it. The lunch menu (11.30am onwards) prices range from $6 (toast) to $18 ( the Grounds angus beef burger) stopping off at a 4-deep salad section ($14 – $16) along the way. The breakfast menu (pre 11.30am) ranges from $6 – $19 and has some great sounding dishes like the breakfast board which is a pile of smoked ham, avocado tomato, poached eggs pesto and toast. Overall the Grounds is great: one must be prepared to relax into the charm of being uber-cool, but this is a small sacrifice to pay for the Best Brunch Ever.

Thrive Cafe Sydney
/ 1523

Mlc Centre 19 - 29 Martin Pl 2000, Sydney

A little too cool for school. Go and share a dessert platter and some cocktails for a treaty night out!

The Glenmore
/ 1574

96 Cumberland St 2000, Sydney

The food isn't fancy but the salt a pepper squid packs a welcomed punch.

The Oaks Hotel Bar & Grill
/ 1511

118 Military Rd 2089, Sydney

Lovely outdoor area and lots of food to choose from. You can book a function room for free for 1.5 hrs it's great to have a small party there.

/ 845

16 Foster St Surry Hills 2010, Sydney

We went to dinner here last night and the ambience and vibe were outstanding, the flavour of the food was tremendous. We shared the wagyu tongue, quail, lamb, pate, haloumi, prawns, empanadas and bacalo balls. The wines, cocktails and beers that we had were exuberant. However the service was extremely disappointing. Overall a very nice experience.

Single O Surry Hills
/ 778

60-64 Reservoir St 2010, Sydney

Wonderful coffee. Syrup-y sweet double ristretto. Lovely staff gave me my coffees for free because I bought beans.

Bourke Street Bakery
/ 822

633 Bourke St 2010, Sydney

There is talk that staff are rude. I guess it is glass half empty thing, it's what you make it. Great shop, gorgeous food, I found the staff fine. Chocolate croissant, chocolate tart, pizza, baguette and the fresh juice I can recommend in person. Still some ways to go through the full menu list. Yes you get what you pay for. Grab a bite, a coffee and a seat and what the world go buy as you chat with friends. J

Fortune of War
/ 902

Fortune of War Hotel 137 George St The Rocks 2000, Sydney

Often with singer/guitarists playing (little room for more than one musician), this gem of a pub has decent enough prices for The Rocks, along with great windows to view the passing pedestrian traffic in summer, and more room out the back and outside to fit a few more in. Often so crowded it's hard to move, but so narrow that it's still easy to get bar service. One of my favourites for The Rocks.

The Beresford
/ 1014

354 Bourke St 2010, Sydney

A meh place with meh staff for meh people.

Social Brew Cafe
/ 709

224 Harris St 2009, Sydney

Very good quality place, I had very tasty Smoked Salmon & Avocado which include rocket salad and grilled flatbread. I liked it a lot, but the taste of avocado was a bit weird maybe because I haven't had avocado for a long time or maybe it was overripe. I will come here again just because it is very close to place I live, and the atmosphere is fantastic here. 3rd Breakfast in a raw here was very light and delicious, I had double double it is so tasty and simple, highly recommended. 5th breakfast, the brew brekkie board. The place is fantastic, Daniel and Andrew are fantastic people who are doing what they love and doing it with the best intentions in mind. I love this place, and I'll come here from time to time even after I move out of Pyrmont.

The Australian Heritage Hotel
/ 849

100 Cumberland Street, The Rocks 2000, Sydney

where else can you eat kangaroo / emu pizza? the staff doesn't think your suggestion for koala pizza is very funny, either.

The Winery
/ 905

285A Crown St Surry Hills 2010, Sydney

The Winery was talk of the town a while ago so I thought I'd go check it out. The food and drinks are delicious but a bit of a drain of the back pocket. The staff, whilst being professional can be rather short in manner and lacked to inform us that they were closing in 5 mins when we entered, allowing us to order a jug of sangria only to tell us to get out a few minutes later.

City Extra
/ 1097

E4 East Podium, Between Wharf 3 & 4 Circular Quay 2000, Sydney

Every week after dancing, we come here for a champagne (and sometimes a crusty bread roll) while we wait for the ferry. Fantastic views.




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