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The Best 15 Restaurants in Pokolbin, New South Wales, Australia

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Two Fat Blokes Gourmet Kitchen
/ 1113

691 Hermitage Road 2320 , Pokolbin

So, you arrive in the Hunter Valley region, you know you want to experience the most interesting and most inviting viney

Cafe Enzo
/ 662

Broke Rd & Ekerts Rd , Pokolbin

I love this place, I notice a few people saying "who turns away customers at this day and age" well the answer is a cafe

Blaxland Inn
/ 604

2198 Broke Rd 2320 , Pokolbin

The Blaxland Inn is a nice spot for lunch / afternoon drinks. Nice selection on the menu and reasonably priced for the v

EXP. restaurant
/ 380

1596 Broke Rd 2320 , Pokolbin

We had Chefs Table seating today, which is always a treat. First up was the Native Rice Porridge. The savoury notes from

Harrigan's Hunter Valley
/ 605

2090 Broke Rd , Pokolbin

Amazing place to stay, dine and wine. One of the best places in Hunter valley especially if you plan to visit the Hunter

Sabor Dessert Bar
/ 429

2342 Broke Rd 2320 , Pokolbin

I had a fantastic morning with my sisters. It was June long weekend Monday morning which I had forgotten when we decided

Hunter Valley Visitor Information Centre
/ 350

455 Wine Country Dr , Pokolbin

My wife and I visited the Centre twice over the New Year's weekend and had wonderful service both times. Our first visi

/ 363

119 McDonalds Rd Lindemans Winery 2320 , Pokolbin

A must-do for anyone, no everyone, visiting the Hunter. Incredible food coming out of the small kitchen - a kitchen whos

Muse Restaurant
/ 338

2450 Broke Rd 2320 , Pokolbin

had lovely lunch at muse restaurant in hunter valley I was initially not enthused..expensive place 2 course for A$75...

Hunter Valley Chocolate Company @ Twenty-3-Twenty
/ 581

2320 Broke Rd , Pokolbin

I enjoyed my experience here, in the fudge area i was offered a taste test and compared to supermarkert bought fudge th

Goldfish Hunter Valley Restaurant
/ 460

2144 Broke Rd , Pokolbin

In the heart of the Hunter Valley within Roche Estate(formerly known as Tempus Two) complex is Goldfish restaurant and b

/ 311

16 Pokolbin Mountains Rd Calais Estate 2320 , Pokolbin

Me and my boyfriend drove 2.5 hours from North Sydney to visit Nana Kerr's kitchen and for reference that was the only p

Il Cacciatore Restaurant
/ 264

609 McDonalds Rd 2320 , Pokolbin

Fist of all they open at 6pm as italians we really appreciate to be able to eat a bit later in the day they gain a star

Twine Restaurant
/ 194

310 Oakey Creek Road Wynwood Estate 2320 , Pokolbin

Stopped by Twine Restaurant for the first time and was very impressed by the beautiful space overlooking the picturesque

Hunters Quarter
/ 187

576 De Beyers Rd Cockfigthers Ghost Cellar Door 2320 , Pokolbin

"Escape lunch" with ten great friends. By way of context, as a group, we are grateful that we have enjoyed some of the

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