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The Best 15 Restaurants in Harris Park, New South Wales, Australia

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Dosa Hut
/ 2749

69 Wigram St 2150, Harris Park

Had a great experience. Staff is very friendly with lovely smiles and everyone of them is concerned about you and your experience with their food. They do not wait for u to roll through the menu and confuse yourself bt keep suggesting and recommending you of their best dishes. Would really like to visit again. And most importantly no long waits even on Friday evening and despite of being busy, food was served with in nominal time. Keep going team and all the best.

Celebrations Indian Restaurant
/ 2422

52 Station St E 2150, Harris Park

Amazing food quality, Hygienic and Authentic Indian Touch street food.

Dosa Plaza Harris Park
/ 779

56 Harris St 2150, Harris Park

Great place to have good family time . Customer service was appreciated. Overall awesome food.. best restaurant in Australia 👌

Hyderabad House
/ 953

73 Wigram St, Harris Park

If you're familiar with South Asia, you know that Hyderabad has a tradition of producing some of the best food in the region. You may not know, however, where to find the best Hyderabadi food in Sydney. Lucky for you, I have the answer - this is it. There are plenty of good South Asian places in Sydney, but if you've never tried proper Indian-Chinese food, you have to try the menu here. This is one of the best Indian-Chinese menus that I've ever tried, on par with Desi-Chinese King in New York. As a Pakistani, I can say that this is my favorite restaurant in the Parramatta area and my second-favorite South Asian restaurant in Sydney (after Lal Qila).

Not Just Curries
/ 882

66 Wigram St 2150, Harris Park

Indian food away from homeland. Delicious and mouth-watering dishes, Perfect ambience with amazing service. "Yumm" was the only sound I made the entire time I was there. Love Love Love it !!

Ginger Indian Restaurant
/ 589

94 Wigram St 2150, Harris Park

Good food. Good and quick service. Good value.

Amaravathi Indian Restaurant
/ 666

42 Marion St 2150, Harris Park

1$ plain dosa "S in Sydney!!!! ...Crisp does is served with sambar, coconut chutney and allam chutney .... Indian Chinese noodles and fried rice in the menu.. The chicken schezwan noodles for 12.99$ was quite a steal... Will serve 2 people... Lots of Biryani and dosa varieties...

Chulho Authentic Nepalese & Indian Cuisine
/ 776

59 Wigram St 2150, Harris Park

Amazing Experience! Give a try at Gundruk Ra Dhindo Ko Thali and Chhoila. I love these guys, they've got great Nepali / Indian food, friendly staff and they're super reliable both eating in and taking away. They're open Seven Days a week!!! Good Luck Guys!

A2b Sweets And Restaurant
/ 577

116 Wigram Street 2150, Harris Park

Amazing and authentic food and sweets were out of the world!! It was crowded but considering it was opening day, there was no compromise on food.

Taj Indian Sweets & Restaurant
/ 527

91 Wigram St 2150, Harris Park

love the food and cost combination .. good value for money

Momozz Harris Park
/ 277

Unit 8/104-108 Wigram St, Harris Park

I had a bad experience at this restaurant. I ordered a hot and sour soup momo and it took more than an hour to arrive. I was sitting in this restaurant for around 2 hours. When the food arrived, I was very tired and my stomach was half full with water. But the staffs were polite and friendly. Food was ok.

Jaipur Sweets
/ 372

48 Marion St, Harris Park

The food was good. I got the Bengali Thali. It took an hour for us to get it, and I was within minutes of asking for our money back. Some voucher customers got service within 15 minutes, and their meal with buffet, so they got their main as soon as they wanted it. If I'd have to guess, they're interested in voucher customers to the exclusion of everyone else. They're properly staffed over lunch, when they have much fewer patrons.

Bombay Talkies
/ 291

46 Marion St 2150, Harris Park

A great fusion between Chinese and Indian. It's Chinese food, but with an Indian flavour. We had the spring rolls, the triple chicken and the prawns in hot tomato sauce. All meals were amazing. The chicken and rice dish was especially good. The layering of the meat, sauce and rice was really impressive. The meals too a little while to arrive, but it was worth the wait. The food was cooked to order. Everything was fresh. The owner came to our table and spoke to use about the food and described each meal. It was nice to hear some history about the food. The decor is modern and clean. This is a lovely place to have a meal.

Mad Down Under
/ 93

97 Wigram St, Harris Park

We tried this new restaurant in Harris park and all the food we tried were really top notch. Unexpected Saturday Surprise. One of the best food in Harris Park.

9 Flavours of Panipuri
/ 86

79 Wigram St, Harris Park

Yummy flavours of pani puri and taste so good




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