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The Best 15 Restaurants in Armidale, New South Wales, Australia

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Goldfish Bowl Bakery
/ 343

U 3 160 Rusden St 2350, Armidale

Good bread. Not tried the food yet.

Whitebull Hotel
/ 380

117 Marsh St 2350, Armidale

Wonderful service Excellent menu

Armidale Central
/ 423

225 Beardy St, Armidale

Very nice place, convenient 🅿 and stores. Don't forget to try the Indian food it's crazy 😜

​The Saint Kilda Hotel
/ 181

St Kilda Hotel 102 - 104 Rusden St 2350, Armidale

The food is good. They serve large potions.

/ 433

131 Marsh St 2350, Armidale

Check your order before you drive off. Always having to go back and get the rest of it and that's so annoying.

Armidale City Bowling Club
/ 165

92-96 Dumaresq St, Armidale

Wow. A great surprise. The beef ribs was so crazy good. Kid friendly w/out being kid-centric/overrun. Way over priced for Armidale but you get what you pay for. Renovation is a big success. Great place to stop mid trip to QLD.

Neville's Store
/ 140

201 Brown St 2350, Armidale

Best grub in town! Have a feed!

Royal Hotel
/ 194

107 Beardy St, Armidale

Ordered the T-Bone with chips and salad. Cooked perfect, nicely flame grilled. Chips crunchy right up to the last bite.

Tattersalls Hotel Armidale
/ 141

174 Beardy St Tattersalls Hotel 2350, Armidale

The building is closed for renovations at the moment but the goss is a five star pub is going to appear. For Armidale?

The New England Hotel
/ 150

196 Beardy St 2350, Armidale

Great food and service, very happy with our evening

Armidale Pizza
/ 111

113 Rusden St 2350, Armidale

This pizza was fantastic! Delicious, non greasy pizza (especially the Armidale works!) and fantastic quick delivery service. Only problem was ordering online website bugs.- much better to just call.

Armidale Ex Services Memorial Club
/ 158

137 Dumaresq St, Armidale

Bistro was clean, quick and good tucker. Children's room was entertaining for the little's, although relies heavily on screens. Seems popular among the locals, prices are certainly good value, and servings are generous.

Seesaw Coffee
/ 102

126 Faulkner Street Near Central Park. 2350, Armidale

Brilliant on all accounts. Thank you Rosie 👍

CAFFIENDS in the mall
/ 99

190 Beardy St 2350, Armidale

Not the greatest decor, but fantastic service and food. Very reasonably priced.

Paper Tiger
/ 70

14 Moore St, Armidale

This new place in Armidale is a unique asian- western blend. We had the yum cha platter, the breakfast ramen and the karaage chicken burger. All the food was tasty and the service was cheerful and attentive. You should definitely try Paper Tiger!!




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