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The Best 15 Restaurants in Armidale, New South Wales, Australia

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Gold Fish Bowl
/ 343

U 3 160 Rusden St 2350 , Armidale

I recently moved from my hometown of Brisbane to the self-proclaimed coffee capital of Australia, Melbourne. Having just

Whitebull Hotel
/ 380

117 Marsh St 2350 , Armidale

For a busy Saturday afternoon, this was an outstanding time. Service was great, the young staff were run off their feet

Armidale Central
/ 423

225 Beardy St , Armidale

The centre was well located, easy to figure out as we walked around and offered an ally clothing store to compete with t

​The Saint Kilda Hotel
/ 181

St Kilda Hotel 102 - 104 Rusden St 2350 , Armidale

The staff were really great! Really professional and attentive. I ordered the vegetarian pasta and didnt realise it woul

/ 433

131 Marsh St 2350 , Armidale

Lately McDonald's armidale has been hit and miss anything ranging from wrong orders ,missing items to no sauce on the bu

Armidale City Bowling Club
/ 165

92-96 Dumaresq St , Armidale

Had a lovely dinner at the Bistro here tonight with our two kids (aged 8 and 6). The staff were all extremely helpful, f

Neville's Store
/ 140

201 Brown St 2350 , Armidale

Look, you don't go to Nevs for health food. Now that that's out of the way, let me explain the store. You can smell the

Royal Hotel
/ 194

107 Beardy St , Armidale

Tarsha that works the bar is an absolute legend. Arrived early afternoon in Armidale and the place was a ghost town. The

Tattersalls Hotel Armidale - Restaurant
/ 141

174 Beardy St Tattersalls Hotel 2350 , Armidale

John, I don’t know if you remember me, I stayed with you last week with my wife and two daughters. One was having her

The New England Hotel
/ 150

196 Beardy St 2350 , Armidale

First trip from Sydney to Armidale. Stopped in on Saturday for lunch and was so happy with both the Chicken Burger and t

Armidale Pizza
/ 111

113 Rusden St 2350 , Armidale

Okay, so right now I am studying my butt off trying to keep up with uni work while I'm on a uni placement in Armidale. I

Armidale Ex Services Memorial Club
/ 158

137 Dumaresq St , Armidale

Spent 8 weeks in Armidale earlier this year. Club kept in immaculate condition. Cannot speak highly enough of Brittani a

Seesaw Coffee
/ 102

126 Faulkner Street Near Central Park. 2350 , Armidale

Wow! From the get go walking into that family vibe they have with guests, seeing playful banter between barista and gues

Caffiends in the mall
/ 99

190 Beardy St 2350 , Armidale

Wonderful service. All the waitresses were smiling and greeted us cheerfully. Even though the place was very busy they d

Paper Tiger
/ 70

14 Moore St , Armidale

Enjoyable experience. Dinner on a Saturday night - without reservations it’s unlikely you’ll be able to dine here du

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