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are you open tonight


Is there are veg items only

There are 5 or so side dishes that are veg only. The fried eggplant is delicious

Do you accept the Service NSW Dining voucher?

It was everything we expected it to be....gear atmosphere, service, food and price....cannot wait to come back again

I am a coeliac, do you have gluten free food and do your chefs cater for such a thing? (cross contamination etc)

I dined their last week. 2 of the people I dined with needed Gluten & diary free tell them & they will tell what is available from menu which is Fantastic you will love it

Do you need a booking to come in?

Not compulsory but highly recommended. They are pretty busy especially on weekends and Friday nights. Yiu can give them a call or book online.

Do you have gluten free dishes?

Yes. Plenty

How Much For A Slave?

$50 (indluding Tax)

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