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Hanuman Restaurant Darwin Darwin
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Hanuman Restaurant Darwin

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The Beaufort Hotel 93 Mitchell St 800, Darwin

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Does Hanuman have a private room for 20 people

Can you BYO wine?

I saw 2 amazing dishes on Poh's kitchen today CAN'T find recepi's One was a paw paw noodle dish One was your Pad Thai Could i get these somwere it was aired on 2 today 221019 Thank you Cheers annette

Have Kerala Food?


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JJ Bowden


Best all-round Asian restaurant in Darwin.

Sue Adams


Excellent food and service as usual! Very busy night but we did not have to wait long. Very nice evening.

Christopher C


Had dinner with some friends at this restaurant last week. Was told it is owned by the master chef and TV personality Jimmy Shu. He was at the restaurant earlier so we missed him when we got there. Restaurant was very busy. Food was very good and the service exceptional. The cuisine is a mixture of Indian, Thai, Chinese. Normally when there’s too much mixture, the dishes don’t come out right, but this definitely works.

Mark Smith


Listed in the good food guide I had high expectations. Arrived to a very busy reception desk (photo) and waited ten minutes to be seated watching the uncleared tables. Still I thought the food must be great. It was good but not great. Seems lost in the Thai Indian fusion.

Mascha Bosnjak


Careful as vegetarians! I have been here a few times and it is one of the better Darwin restaurants. Usually order from the vegetarian menu. Yesterday we ordered the vegetarian version of the "duck" red curry. We definitively received the vegetarian version as there was Tofu in the dish. But there was also several small and one bigger piece of duck meat in there. This quite obviously shows, that they cook the meat curry and then serve the "vegetarian" dish, where they remove the meat and just add Tofu. That in my eyes is cheating. It is unethical. Is it legal? When we made the staff aware, they became very defensive and nervous and tried to explain, that it must have been a mistake and they served the regular meat dish instead of the vegetarian option. When we pointed out, that if that was the case, there would have been more duck and no Tofu in the dish, they ran out of lies and got the supervisor. He also tried to explain further, that a piece of duck may have slipped into the dish. Oh, man. Really? More lies. We asked to talk to the cook, to find out, how they actually prepare the vegetarian options, but he never came out. After running out of dodgy explanations, their face and body language gave it away. Caught in the act. We will never eat there again. Even though the food there generally looks fine and most people are happy customers, eating out for us also means, apart from eating good food, made out of quality ingredients in a clean kitchen, under hygienic conditions, etc., ...it also means trust. We eat what you prepare and serve. And we just cannot trust this restaurant any more, if they cheated us and lied. And we would not even have been the first ones. Hopefully we will be the last once who got scammed by this "vegetarian" option.

Declan Cael


Delectable cuisine with variety of dishes. Taste and flavours of the dishes we had were on point and reminiscent of its origins. Efficient and friendly service with a smile. Great dining experience.

Jason Jolly


Food and atmosphere is great. Prices are on the mid to high range so I usually only go here for special occasions. Really like the South East Asian decor and their Indian and Thai curries. Whenever the Darwin festival rolls around I always get their butter chicken or chicken chettinad from their stall. Highly recommend for dinner with a date or a small group.

Kent Duncan


This place is amazing, will not find better in Darwin. Need to try the oysters in the clay pot with THAT sauce, unbeatable.

Andrew Kinnear


I first visited Hanuman back in the 1990's, and now again twice on a holiday to Darwin just last week. It was great back in the 1990's - even better now. Not afraid of spicing things up and keeping dishes authentic to their heritage. Well done to the team at Hanuman.

Harry Farr


One of the best places in Darwin for this style of food. Lots of different options for vegos too. Location is good and venue is nice enough to go dressed up or casual. Recommend this place if you need a good feed and don’t want to be disappointed.

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Hanuman Darwin first opened its doors in 1992. Originally located at the Bennet Street end of Mitchell Street, the restaurant moved to its current location late 2007.We are delighted with the new setting. As part of the Holiday Inn Esplanade complex the restaurant incorporates a beautiful deck dining area and stylish cocktail bar.With seating for 90 people outside and a further 90 inside, be prepared to immerse yourself in a truly exotic experience. The furnishings, tableware and artworks have been sourced from around the world and the lighting will take your breath away.


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