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The Best 15 Restaurants in Griffith, New South Wales, Australia

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Il Corso Cafe
/ 263

140 Banna Avenue 2680, Griffith

Great fast service, indoor and outdoor seating, enthusiastic staff.

Bertoldos Bakery
/ 213

324 Banna Ave 2680, Griffith

Food is good, but service can be a bit slow. Young server girls spend too much time chatting so you have to wait for a simple coffee.

Giuseppe's Restaurant & Bar
/ 232

188 Banna Ave, Griffith

loved the food, but not very impressed by the atmosphere.

La Scala Restaurant
/ 142

455 Banna Ave 2680, Griffith

I loved the place, great atmosphere good food and good service. The prices are about the same as any restaurant of this standard. Give it a go and enjoy a little piece of Italy. Doug

Cafe 2 sixty 2
/ 132

262 Banna Ave 2680, Griffith

Great coffee and brilliant food. Fantastic friendly staff. A gem of Griffith.

Griffith Leagues Club
/ 210

2 Bridge Road NaN, Griffith

Great food. Recommend the crisp pork belly. Would have it every day of the week if I could

Belvedere Restaurant
/ 145

494 Banna Ave Top Block 2680, Griffith

Friendly ppl and the food was delicious :-)

McDonald's Griffith
/ 317

Cnr Crossing Streets & Banna Streets, Griffith

Yum im all full on my big mac :)

/ 107

239 Banna Ave 2680, Griffith

Fantastic fresh Italian Cuisine. A regular change of menu with seasonal ingredients.

Little Italy Griffith
/ 120

232 Banna Ave 2680, Griffith

I’m very mixed about this restaurant. The food is reasonably good, but I felt really cramped inside, on cases like these, it’s either you get there early to get a half decent spot inside or you risk outside

FoodWorks Griffith
/ 110

493 Banna Ave, Griffith

It's not able to compete well in pricing and there's no self checkout so you have to go through the checkout staff who clearly hate their jobs. Can't blame them I suppose.

Hungry Jack's Burgers Griffith
/ 141

49 Jondaryan Ave, Griffith

Just needs a little more salt on those chips, otherwise... I've been happy how the staff have treated me. Good priced meals, and a quick drive thru.

Area Hotel
/ 114

208 Banna Ave 2680, Griffith

Great local pub, family friendly bistro with a solid selection of meals (including gluten free) But the friendly staff are what make it!

Limone Dining
/ 61

482 Banna Ave 2680, Griffith

Amazing service and excellent food. 6/5 starts

Domino's Pizza Griffith (NSW)
/ 84

312 Banna Ave, Griffith

Pizza always is the best choice!




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