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How much for 2 hours

Hi Linda, The price ranges from $19 per person to $35 depending on the type of tour and peak times. To view all pricing and our live calendar, please visit handlebaradelaide.com.au Cheers!

Are you available 27th December afternoon?

We sure do! To view openings please go to www.handlebaradelaide.com and select "Book Now" to view our live online booking calendar.

on a 2hr tour how many pub stops are you allowed and do on bike drinks have to be prepurchased ?

Hi Karen, Thanks for your question! Generally we stop at 2 pubs for roughly 20 minutes each and 3 drinks are served whilst on the Handlebar! Drinks must be pre-purchased before going on the tour. Thanks!

I have a lower back issue. Is the handlebar hard to peddle?

No a lot easier than a bike as the load is spread over multiple riders.If u dont peddle that hard most of the other riders wouldnt even realise.

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