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Hello Harry The Burger Joint (Dapto) Wollongong
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Hello Harry The Burger Joint (Dapto)

66 Princes Hwy Shop 3 2530, Wollongong

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joseph sleiman


By far 1 of the best burgers I’ve tried they are absolutely delicious. Tried your burgers on Wednesday and I was like wow so I had to come back today and go for seconds. Thank you Enrique very very very nice food.

Wes B


A catch up with old school mates called for a suitably blokey venue and we decided that Hello Harry would fit the bill. Being the age of COVID we booked a table in advance for a 6pm sitting on a Sunday night. Patting ourselves on the back for having such amazing planning skills we were disappointed to discover that our organisational prowess was wasted as there were no other patrons in the venue when we arrived; and we remained the only diners for the duration of our booking. This made for a fairly underwhelming ambiance however the general decor is funky with stools and booth seating set against graffitied walls and neon signage. We were greeted by a very friendly server who presented us with our pick of any table in the restaurant. She provided us with menus and advised that we should come to the counter when we were ready to order. This was a bit off putting as table service would really have been more appropriate. We started with a tower of beer, which whilst quite gimmicky and a little pricey, was fit for the purpose of providing three guys with ample amber sustenance for the duration of our meal. On the topic of drinks there seemed to be a continuous run of iced drinks being prepared and marched through the dining area which would have been fine other than the extremely loud blender used to make them. We ordered three burgers and three sides to share. It would have been nice at that price point for the burgers to come with a side of fries or other accompaniment but alas if you order a burger that’s all you get, a burger on a plate. Most of the burgers are around the $11 to $16 price point. One of my school buddies ordered the South of the Boarder which was a Mexican themed burger which he informed me was tasty and had an appropriate level of zest. My other mate and myself decided to opt for one of the burgers in the “serious about burgers” range and going all out with the very pricey Dirty Harry coming in at $24! We were presented with a meat monolith secured in place by a knife driven through its centre. The burger certainly packed a meaty punch and I wouldn’t suggest it for the faint of heart or small of appetite. There isn’t much more to it than meat including not one but two beef patties, double cheese, a grilled chicken breast and crispy bacon. The only vegetable being a pickle and to be honest it really needed some lettuce or other greens to balance a very greasy and heavy portion. The sides were the classic short order fare including loaded and sweet potato fries and mozzarella sticks. These were nice enough and apparently prepared and cooked in-house. All in all we had a nice time and the food was more a guilty pleasure you have infrequently... maybe best indulged when you crave a sneaky comfort meal. Special mention to our server, a young lady who was super friendly and helpful and put up with our lame jokes and cheeky banter 😀

Jared Stone


Hire more people for the kitchen or have the wait staff set realistic expectations. When a 15min wait for takeaway turns into 60mins it makes the whole experience unsatisfactory. Your staff look under the pump and stressed. This is a reflection of bad management. I was told dine-in customers get a priority over takeaway and deliveries? I guess that’s what is said when your order is forgotten and you question why those who ordered after you are receiving their food first? Hire more staff so other customers don’t have to experience the same terrible experience that I had to... Will never return.

David Sobin


Speedy service. Great tasting fresh food. Relaxing vibe. This restaurant is the place for a good burger. Highly recommend

Jenny Chapin


Had the grass fed beef Burger and was one of the best burgers I've ever had. Bun was so soft and patty was so juicy. Also had sweet potato fries which were just as good. Definitely recommended

Sannie Yip


Love the Aussie and Southern fried chicken burger! Really awesome customer service! Will come back regularly as a new local!



Friendly staff. Quick service. Good meals



Was a good vibe at the place, me and my partner got a burger each, southern fried chicken and cheese burger, food was good, however the beer was a little flat, I didnt finish it my partner was happy the way it was 🤷‍♂️ she was more than happy to finish it..

K Forster


Consistently good but yes, expensive for what they are. The best aioli!

Joel Burgess


Not bad. Small portions. Very little love in the service or food

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