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Dracula's Cabaret Gold Coast Broadbeach
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Dracula's Cabaret Gold Coast

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1 Hooker Blvd, Broadbeach

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Questions and answers (10)

Is this a good place to have a birthday party?

During covid if you want to attend a show by yourself will that be an issue with the seating plan of the venue?

Are children 12 yrs allowed ??

Do they have gluten free options

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Shane Knight


Great night

Denise Oriel


Amazing all round experience


Jon “Majestic Grey Goose” Ralston


Was good highly recommend

Danica Oosthuizen


Great show.

Anggie Soler


I loved this place, the show was wonderful, this has been the best experience I have had in Gold Coast, laugh and enjoy enough. The places it has an atmosphere that makes you feel all the vibe, although the show has nothing to do with vampire or dragon but nevertheless worth every dollar. Regarding the food, it is simple and rich, it is not very big but it is enough, they give you a rich starter, then you choose three main course options with a vegetarian option, the fine dessert is small and cute. In short, its main course is not food, it is the show, even so you can enjoy a delicious dinner. My entrance was general, I had a good place to enjoy the show, the cocktails were delectable, there are also options with some souvenirs with the drink, prices are not very high, the prices are similar to those of any bar. I really get up and I would like to repeat the show I hope you come to Sydney.

Anthony Meyers


Entertaining evening and fabulous show. Decor was fantastic and the staff looked the part. The food was really average to say the least. Virtually no flavour. I noticed a number of members of our party not finish their meals and the portions were far from big. This really needs to be addressed when one considers the costs of the evening. Some of the staff were friendly and some extremely rude, which I believe is part of the experience. However, I do not think being rude is really necessary. Virtually throwing the food on the table is just not acceptable to be honest. Table service can be greatly improved. If the food and table service can be improved, Dracula’s would easily get a 5/5! Other that it was a fun evening.



Great show and a lot of fun. Food is okay to nice. Raunchy, provocative and not for prudish adults. It's a bit squashy up in VIP section. Limited leg room, and you need to eat with T-Rex arms as was mentioned on the night. Hard to hear each other talk but great for lively, memorable celebrations.

Roxanne McMurray


So this was a pretty good show. Food was pretty good, and they were really good about the gluten free person with us which was nice. I liked the ghost ride trip as well, that was a nice way to start the show. The acrobatics were awesome. What I didn't enjoy; Yeah,these guys have a "rude staff" rocky horror wannabe thing going on. (If I'd known that was part of the experience I would have straight up refused to go. Life is mean enough, I don't need to pay people to also be mean to to me). Most of them were super friendly and helpful (including our main waiter who was fantastic) but the person at the door was an absolute piece of work. Great way to start the evening, walking in going "why on earth did I pay 125 for this, I already hate this and it hasn't even started". They also do an audience "participation" during the show where they heckle various members of the audience so be warned if that's not something you enjoy. If you've never been, worth doing at least once. If you don't enjoy paying for someone to be mean to you, you should probably just skip it.

Kim Schneider


Highly recommend. We had 2 teenagers over 15 with us and found it a little more risque than we had originally expected but was an awesome experience. The meals were amazing and they accommodated for Coeliacs. Drink service was a little slow, so recommend ordering 2 at a time. Worth paying for VIP the seating and view of stage is excellent. The entertainment was spectacular and all the staff and crew are fantastic.

Amber Mooshi


Some seating is quite small for larger people but was quickly relocated, loser served us all night and was terrific and both the show and the meal, perfect! I highly recommend the pork 😁 thank you for a great first time experience I came home with so many goodies. TAKE THE GHOST TRAIN!! It's worth it 😈😁

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