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众星捞 Adelaide
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81 Gouger St, Adelaide

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Iris JL


Hands up the best hot pot we've tried in Adelaide. The dining environment is very romantic, and most importantly very clean. Food was very fresh and service was great as well. We've been to Star Hot Pot many times, and we were recommended to try their new “Lamb Spine hot pot", absolutely delicious! Highly recommended!

Steven Stone


We went to Chinatown to go to a traditional hot pot restraunt. My wife had chosen one online which we were on our way to but was attracted to Star Hot Pot as we walked by because of the modern look. A lady came out as we walked by and welcomed us inside. We kept walking to our planned destination but upon arriving we decided to head back to Star Hot Pot. We were glad we did. The service from the young lady and man was fantastic. The menu was a first for us as it was actually on a tablet, with lots of choices. The food we order was all fresh and super tasty. There is also a complimentary large variety of sauces to add to the pot. We ordered a vast amount of food (way too much for us) and was actually pleasantly surprised when we received the bill. Great for groups or couples and we look forward to taking a bunch of our friends back next time.


Tan Tzy Ling


Food is a bit slow to come out but very fresh ingredients, good quality meats and seafood with a variety of soup bases available. Selection of sauces are also good. Restaurant decor is very nice

naphachama hongsakaola


The best hot pot in Adelaide . Good service, good ambiance, good food. There are individual pots for the broth.

Andy Bryant


Hot pot restaurant on gouger St. Nice food here that you order the base soup for, then the ingredients that you want to include with it. The soup comes out first, then you put the other stuff in to cook with it. If you like spice then the Tom yum base is a good start. Food very nice and nice atmosphere. The only issue for me was the electronic menu which had only minimal English. Well worth a try.

William Chong


Recomanded.. you can make your own sos there are plenty of the ingredients and choice for you.. once you confirm the soup based of your choice.. then the food from the manu.. if you are a hotpot person this is a must try rastaurant... the staff are friendly and will always assist you as long you need..

Jeffrey Yu


Authentic Chinese hotpot restaurant. Enjoyed it very much.

Diane Mackenzie


It is a great place to have hot pot in the spring weather. There are plenty of choices for food. The mushroom and its white soup is great, very fresh and tasty. However, spicy soup is a nightmare, the red pepper mixed with soup and food could numb all senses.

Bombay Sawang


Do you have hot chocolate

Sally Smith


Really clean with a nice ambience and lovely service. Food is of a good quality, especially the handmade prawn balls and handmade fish tofu! It's also nice to be able to choose between a shared hotpot soup base for everyone, or have individual soup bases. Having the stoves deep in the table makes life a lot easier and the whole hotpot experience less messy. Overall quite a nice restaurant and a definitely a decent hotpot option. Prices are fairly standard for hotpot if not ever so slightly more.

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