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Yuki's at the Quay The Rocks
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Yuki's at the Quay

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Level 4 Overseas Passenger Terminal, The Rocks

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Is there a lunch menu or only dinner menu?

How much does the food cost?

I made a reservation for the 17th, 6pm and I got 2 reservation confirmation emails; 1 from “Thefork” and 1 from “Reserve with google. Does this mean that i accidently made 2 reservations? If so, how do i cancel one?

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Rik Nijhuis


Beautiful food and a very calming atmosphere. We really enjoyed our dinner here. We had 3 different sushi rolls, the miso eggplant and some edamame. The quality is great and we’re looking forward to returning and trying some other dishes. Even for Sydneysiders, it’s spectacular to enjoy the opera house views from your dinner table.


chen wang (amiiamiiii)


We have been told that we can only have 1.5 hour for dining in. During the meal, we got disturbed over 10 times. It meant to be a relaxed hangout with friends, however the whole experience is like eating at food court. A few dishes that we haven’t finished, the guy and waitress kept coming to clean the table. At 7:15 exactly, the guy came to us again to remind us that there are people waiting (even though there are not) you will need to leave now! Definitely ruin the night, rude service and not worth it!

Sarah Ford


Absolutely 5 star dining experience! STUNNING views of the city and Sydney harbour. Wonderful service and spectacular Japanese cuisine. A new favourite restaurant.



Regretfully came here for a birthday celebration. Appalling experience, not due to the waiters or the food itself but because of the manager in charge (middle aged/older man). The place is not child/kid-friendly (they don’t provide high chairs) and if we were informed of this when we booked over the phone we would’ve booked another place. Shortly after we arrived, the manager aggressively told us to make sure to keep our kids quiet (it’s quite ironic how he lacks hospitality while he works in hospitality). However, the night’s icing on the cake was when the manager added $38 in tips for himself. We only realised this after we had paid. When confronted about this additional charge, he claimed it was for “the garfish special” which wasn’t included on the invoice. We requested an itemised invoice, so he then admitted the $38 was actually for the tips. Eventually he gave us a cash refund. It’s only a nominal $38 but deliberately giving yourself tips, when you provided terrible service is clearly Stealing. The guy who runs the place is an embarrassment. He lied so seamlessly that it’s obvious this wasn’t the first time he deliberately overcharged. Shame on him.

Michael C


Had a lovely time here. The staff were friendly and not pushy. Their sake reserve list is a great selection ranging from the full bodied to delicate flavours and scents. Their sashimi were delectable, daily special of the Wagyu was delicious and presentations of their food can't be justified with my camera skills. Their view of the Opera house is also very wonderful. It's a great find and we would definitely come back for more.

H Pot


Excellent View, nice location, friendly staff, food is nice but a little pricey mainly for the view. A nice and romantic restaurant for a date but there are more affordable restaurants with similar quality to go with friends for a good night out. The cocktail Japanese slipper is a must try

Christian Hoelscher


Happily retuned with our two children who are both celiacs. We called ahead to order gluten free sushi rice and a good spread of gluten free kids favourites. Staff and food 5/5. Thanks Yuki’s we look forward dinning with you again very soon.


Dean Tran (Dean & Tania)


We have been to many Japanese restaurants, including Saké, Sokyo, Asuma, Sushi E, Yayoid Gardens, Sorenzo, etc.and found Yukis to be a terrible restaurant. The food was not too bad, probably 6/10, but the service from Shu was the worst. We have booked a table for 5 and Shu requested that we preorder as the Queens Birthday long weekend was quite busy and so we did preordered. Upon arrival, Shu said that one of our choice had ran out and that we’d have to order a different dish to replace it if we wanted to. This is quite strange, as we had preordered the day before, how can our choice “ran out” unless they offered it to another diner before we came? Any, we ordered a beef Waygu instead. When our food were brought out, they brought the main first instead of the entres, which we found strange, especially, the beef Waygu that we just order when we sat down. What happened to all the sushi entres that we preordered? So we looked around and saw that all the other tables had their sushi dishes brought out, even the diners who came in after us! After we finished all our mains, and waited, Shu finally came and said that our sushi were been made “freshly” he added. Of course, they were being made, he’s given all our sushi that we preordered to other tables! He thinks that we’re fools or something. All other Japanese restaurants such Sorenzo and Yayoid, the waiters and waitresses are very polite and always friendly, but Shu is the exception, which is disappointing because we rarely give bad reviews. We will never come here again and will ensure to spread the words to all our friends not to come to Yukis!!!!

Samuel Lynne


Booked this place to celebrate one year with my girlfriend. Awesome views, absolutely delicious meals, great service. Its a bit tricky to find. keep an eye out for an elevator to go up for it.

BeRry C.


Beware! Unlike other fine dining restaurants in Sydney, their waiters, including the manager, won't stop you from over-ordered while they don't offer food takeaway! Yep, they expect you to read every word from their menu. When you ask for takeaway boxes, the manager will show you what they printed on the menu and claim it's due to COVID and prevent food poisoning. If that was the case, why can't they kindly remind customers not to order too much food as their dishes are serving in big portions? (rather than hard-selling their daily specials to us, who walk-in after 8pm... One Star for the opera house view and one star for average Japanese food and presentation. Btw. there's minimum spending $50 per head, incl children. So, if you ain't a big eat and don't want to waste food, order more drinks and fewer dishes :)

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