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Do we need to make a booking to go here?

You don't have to, and I'm not sure if they even have that option. There's no table service, although they do serve your order to your table after you order at the counter

Are you open Easter Monday?


Thinking of brining a group of elderly residents here for a day trip around the Yarra. Is there any cost involved with entry and I'm sure they will be aware they can purchase

Great place. No cost for entry. Plenty of space for parking close, wheelchair accessible & flat ground for those not as steady on their feet. Wonderful shop with huge selection of products & amazing ice-cream. Beautiful grounds for photos & to enjoy. Highly recommend

Is there an outdoor eating area where we can have a dog?

The property is quite big, we saw a family there with a dog so if it's on a leash I would expect it's ok. But call and ask them to be sure

Can we have the chocolate powder delivered to melbourne cbd if purchase on line?

Yes you sure can

Is there a cafeteria at the sanctuary?

Yes it does

Are the dogs allowed?

They have a no pet policy unless it's a guide dog.

are you open Good Friday?

Yes as far as I am aware but ring them for answer

Can I purchase Combine Peach Melba Jam

Not sure, probably you can. You may talk to them over phone during office time as I did before. Seems they are responsive...

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