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When is Kareoke here?

Every Friday 8-11 from tonight 13 Nov 2020

Do you have spaghetti Bolognese or fish or crumb snitzel

Hi Heather, we have all 3 of those options. If you pop over to our Facebook page you will be able to see a full menu.

Is it all you can eat buffet pls.

There is a good selection of food from the kitchen as well and if you can get it to stay on your plat you can put as much on from the buffet as you want. There are chips pumpkin carrots mixed vegetables salad and seafood pastor as well as 3 types of gravies to top it off 😆

What r the hrs for cook yr own steak

You can cook your own steak whenever you go there, barbeque is working all the time. There are inside and outside barbecues. Just check working hours.

Is it real i can eat steak and any salad that i want is $10?

Yes it is great 11 dollars

Do u have rooms to stay overnight

They don't have accommodation

Hi im looking for a cheap place for my husband 40th and sons 5th. Is your menu cheap like under $20 pls?

Very good for your husband birthday

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