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Sweet Inspirations Campbellfield
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Sweet Inspirations

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376 Barry Rd 3048, Campbellfield

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 do they have kunafa Khishnah which is crunchy , made with long noodle threads and molten cheese inside ?

Do you offer local home delivery?

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Marina .K


Very nice surface and fresh sweets

Bihter Altuntas


The place is good. I am not really fond of middle eastern deserts. It seems to me that they use the same dough, cream, syrup, etc to produce their deserts. No special texture or skill portrayed in their product. This is entirely my point of view. Their croissants are delicious. They were just right. The chocolate one is my favourite. Coffee is good.

George Chammas


The place is the best! The amazing Lebanese sweets are displayed straight to customers and well presented. We drive on hour and fifteen minutes to eat the delicious, handmade sweets and to be served by the really friendly staff. Love this place and recommened it to all.


Justin B S


I disliked the cake which I bought on Sunday, and went back to return that. Though my opinion about the cake very dry was not approved by the bakery assistants next day, I decided to walk out without an argument. I humbly asked them to have rest of the cake I took back to their bakery, and I didn't want that back. After an hour, I received call from the owner of the bakery to discuss the matter, and understand my concern. He kindly asked me to meet him again at the bakery because he wanted to explain how the cakes baked at Sweet Inspirations are different and he also wanted to refund the money. When I met Khalid face to face, he acknowledged that the cake was dry and he was willing to pay the money back. Since I really appreciated his cordial approach, and willingness to make the cake better, I accepted Khalid's request to take another cake. He went an extra mile to gift us a box of Arabian sweets, and ensured customer satisfaction. The replacement cake was much more delicious. It is not always just the quality of pastries I will go to this bakery for, but the allure is the hospitality of Khalid to ensure his customers are happy. Thanks Khalid 😊

Shahbaz Khan


Nice Lebanese sweets variety, cakes, ice cream and staff is very friendly and cooperative

Belal Mohammad


This is no doubt the best Middle Eastern desserts venue in Melbourne. All sweets, cakes, ice cream and other desserts are freshly made and very authentic. Products taste like heaven, combined with a great generously spaced venue which is very clean, and excellent customer service from staff. Prices are reasonable and affordable. Highly recommended.



By far the best sweet shop ever the stuff are amazing to me and so are the managers biggest respect to them. There would be no doubt that I would go there again



Went there today just to enjoy a piece of Kanafeh... it was extremely crowded and it took us half an hour to place the order. Not to mention no parkig available outside the shop. It was so crowded that they literally had a token system in place. This place fascinated me whenever I passed by, but been very disappointed today. Kanafeh was also not up to the mark either. It was not made of vermicelli as it usually is. Maybe their cakes and baklawa are good. Also one of the persons at the counter was making announcements in Arabic as if all the customers can understand it. How can you just assume no non-Arabic person will come to a Lebanese shop?? Pathetic experience in short.


Ratu Aulia Hasanah


I like it. Their sweets taste great because You can taste the freshness of the sweets. You can also order custom-made cake.

Yasmeen Abusara


Very pleasant staff and affordable prices.. excellent choices 😍 but very very busy.. estimated waiting time for order is one hr

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