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Rockwall Bar and Grill Hobart
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Rockwall Bar and Grill

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89 Salamanca Pl Battery Point 7004, Hobart

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Adam Cooke


Lovely food

Steve Bond


Food is amazing. It might look expensive at first but the portion size beat both of us. Great value. Nice cocktails. Highly recommended. Would definitely come back.


OBrien Real Estate Wantirna


Great food and we were lucky to have been served by an amazing staff member towards the end. Only issue was one of our members were Gluten Free of which the first meal that came out the Chefs forgot. Then the remake of that meal was watered down tasted terrible of which our member was given a bowel of herbs and spices to make their meal taste better. Meal was sent back and was followed up by a lovely meal in the end. We had fun and in the end everything was sorted. Great place to dine with amazing company and thank you for a wonderful night.

Steve Kennedy


Went there for lunch with friends and had an enjoyable steak but it was pretty lonely on the plate. It needed a side dish to enhance the meal. Steak was tender and juicy but I can't see myself returning. It was extremely expensive for what you get when you compare it with many nearby restaurants. My 1st time there and my last.

Long Nguyen


The staffs are nice, entree we got scallops and it was delicious. Then our 1kg tomahawk came out which we were waiting for. BURNT. Bitterness, not smokey or charred. Burnt, burnt, burnt. We got medium rare and some piece was rare on the inside. Kindly request the manager to replace it. But he said, "we get this complaints alot. But that how we cook our steaks. Nothing we can do". I didn't know Tasmanian like CANCER steak. Ps. Even the side carrots were burnt. Feed back - clean the grill.

michael b


We had an excellent night out at Rockwall. I was a little worried about being put in the upstairs dining area but I shouldn't have been. The space is friendly and maybe a little quirky. I loved the attentive but not overbearing service. The meals were excellent and arrived with timing allowing for chatting. I have only given 4 stars because my wife rated the natural oysters as only ok. It must be said though that she is a harsh judge. Otherwise everyone was happy with the experience. I would recommend Rockwall to my friends without hesitation

Olivia Fox


We dined in tonight and the experience was fantastic. Service was great, our waitress was very attentive and friendly and ensured our drinks were regularly filled. Our food was beautiful. We ordered garlic parsley butter bread rolls, seafood chowder, the share platter which consisted of salt and pepper calamari, pork belly and tempura prawns, medium rare scotch fillet with mushroom sauce. The steak was well cooked rather than medium, but was still lovely. The platter salt and pepper calamari had a distinct taste to the crumb but can’t put my finger on what it was? Whilst the Salt and Pepper calamari is not for me, overall the food and service was fantastic and highly recommend.

Nancy Garner


We enjoyed a casual night at Rockwall recently. The restaurant was very busy with some larger parties and was understandably noisy. Once the parties finished, it was very peaceful. The food was excellent. We had the share platter for entree and the porterhouse steak was very tender and full of flavour. Some Tasmanian Pinot Noir complemented the food very well. The service was very good, noting that they were very busy. A wonderful experience on a Thursday night.

Pamela Martin


Very nice entree excellent main steak was chewy and cold


P. L. M.


Probably the worst meal I have had in a very long time. The cheap bowling club down the road serves better steak then here. Before you go and say that I don’t know how steaks and beef should be cooked I have worked in top class beef restaurants across Canada and America, I know a thing or two about meat. Four of us ordered a steak and we were incredibly excited for our meal but were incredibly disappointed. Three of us ordered medium rare steaks and one well done, super simple. We got 1 well done like requested, 2 medium well/well done steaks and one medium cooked at best! I wasn’t hugely bothered, because it happens.. I asked for a new steak immediately and for it to be like I requested, medium rare. It came out 20 mins later and again MEDIUM WELL right in the middle of the steak and leather on the edges.. how can you get it so wrong twice when you’re meant to specialise in steak? They offered to cook a 3rd steak or make another meal which by this time I was fed up and my friends were over their poorly cooked steak and meal. I half ate the rubber steak, cold potato’s and wilted broccoli because I was so hungry. For a place to charge close to $50 for a steak it really was trash. They wouldn’t comp my steak or my friends significantly over cooked steak but instead we got one free dessert. Again, absolute trash.. Pick your game up there are many other epic restaurants around and you definitely don’t deserve to be located in prime position serving poor tasting and terribly cooked beef. .

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