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Old Fernvale Bakery & Cafe Fernvale
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Old Fernvale Bakery & Cafe

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1492 Brisbane Valley Hwy 4306, Fernvale

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ze Hamish


TLDR; 50 minutes + 10 at the door @ 10am on a monday morning7 interactions to get the order - in pieces - blank nods, empty responsesdisorganised ineffective staff. 4 maybe 5 out front servicing customers burnt coffee - gave up half way through. instant would have been an improvement apple turnover with fresh cream was great but their pies and sweets have historically been great. Old Fernvale bakery has been my goto in the region for years - i will goto up the road after this Me? Business IT professional - process automation & improvement Recently adopted & streamlined a local coffee shop where I spend most of my time. My adopted coffee shop is doing well in the outer BNE CBD so this is not a competitor gripe. The Experience: You wait at the door, there are 3 A4 sheets with covid instructions on them that aren't clearly expressed and poorly placed behind other waiting people.  10+ minutes to get to the counter. Gave my order 3 times to the young lass, Its a monday so I cut her some slack, i see her finally write the coffee down correctly. Don't forget the turnover. She writes that down too. Is there sugar on the tables?, yes, choose any table you like we'll bring it out. There are maybe 6 customers in the space, quiet, air conditioned. Many Tables need busing and of course all the you can sit here tables away from the other patrons are the ones needing busing...i bus my own table. Tables are sticky...nightclub floor sticky.  There is no sugar. My friend arrives, immediately has the same reaction to sticking to the tables and wipes her area down after fetching napkins. At this point I'm 30 minutes in and no coffee, no turnover. In the ensuing comedy skit and over the course of the next 30 minutes I have to flag the staff and state the same "ordered a long black and a turnover, its been 30+ minutes" multiple times. coffee arrives,, its a flat white. The skit continues including the chap informing me the order wasn't taken down and he proceeds to take my order again. Another 5-10 minutes later, the coffee arrives, wrong again, no spoon, no sugar - I absolutely must be in a british comedy skit, maybe it is a Douglas Adams skit...but someone is having a laff at me. They get the coffee right, no turnover...we are 50 minutes + in at this stage and I've confirmed I am clear, speaking english and audible with my companion. The tables remain unbused...There are now 4 people in the main area and two out the back. Saves the day! A new young lad to the rescue, hears my statement, recognises the situation and immediately resolves the unfinished order. It's the first time i'd seen him in the area. He immediately buses all the tables on his way back to the kitchen. My grump: Burnt coffee is enough for me to reject any coffee shop. It is not enough for me to write a negative review however. Being told things that obviously aren't correct, improperly (or not at all) cleaned surfaces, ballsing up my order and then making me repeat myself multiple times over an extended period however, different story. The staff are friendly and courteous enough but their brains weren't switched on with the exception of the taller chap. Staff work flows were visibly disorganised and there was a clear issue with detail retention, processing and attention to task finalisation. To the owner: Rather than attempt to hassle me, spend some time with your staff around efficient work flows. Separation of tasks would be a good start. There is no reason my original written order could fall by the way side requiring multiple attempts to get a long black with cold milk on the side and an apple turnover. Get your coffee machine checked or the staff training on how to use it properly.

Peter Most


Nice little place to stop for a quick feed

Sam Prior


Great food

Karen Gardiner


Lovely staff as always.

Tayla Nowlan


I have been visiting Old Fernvale Bakery for a couple of years now and am impressed every time. Their food is to die for and would highly recommend. I do not live locally and travel a little over an hour just to have a pie and chocolate eclair.

David Lassen


Got a coffee and eclair. Very nice

Samantha Rowen


Every pie I've had from here has been fantastic. I like that they are a bit more adventurous with their flavours.

Tracey Lofgren


Roast Pork pie and cheeseburger pie were delish. Then we had some raspberry coconut slice and choc mint. Also delish. Definitely call in another day when over that way

Patrick Kiely


Good food Good service.

Codey Phillips


I NEVER give bad reviews. However - If I could rate with no stars I would. Busy time Mother’s Day and I understand that but, after waiting 1 and a bit hour for food with two young children it’s disappointing. When three of us out of 8 people got our food that late and it is cold from two plates and one with hair in the food - we then tell the staff and they roll their eyes and bring back cold AGAIN? A lot of other people ordered after us. Makes me think if there’s was the same. When going in to say that we need to leave because we haven’t had our food for ages and kids get restless - we did ask for a refund. The lady at the counter rolled her eyes again and said “are you serious?” The kitchen staff came out and said “your food is here” it’s funny how once you complain it’s suddenly ready. We then said sorry no we need to leave now it’s been an hour and a bit. They had attitude and said we are busy. I get it but maybe you need more staff and to be organized and it’s a busy day of the year. She then walked puffing into the kitchen. Just very rude staff. Reading these reviews the owner doesn’t sound like they care and the comments back are thank you for visiting. Seems like you don’t want to be better. You need to be more organized and polite. We will keep driving next time.

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