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Hey, is it right place to take your partner for a birthday 🎂 surprise ?

Everything was bad exept the view the waitress forgot 3 times candle for birthday?! The menu wasn't the same online, on the door and on the table???!!!!!! And it was really expensive we took 1 plate of cheese 21$ and we got only 2 slices of cheese???!!! Everything was bad really exept the view

I want to go there after dinner, can I just have a drink there?

Sure can

what is the chefs nationality

What ever you want them to be

Hi there We are looking for a private dining space for a board dinner for around 15 people on 17th June. Do you have a private dining space. Cheers Di

Hi I only visited, but I'm pretty sure there will have, hope this is of use to you .Thanks

does the restaurant have views of the harbour bridge and opera house

You can see all of the city because it's a rotating table.

How to apply?

If you are referring to applying for a job, my suggestion is that you visit when they are quiet and bring your CV.

how euch moezz is it


Hi is it baby friendly restaurant? We are looking to book 3 adult 1 (2 years ) old for my mother’s 65 birthday lunch. Thanks

We went for dinner and it was a very lively place. I would never consider this to be baby friendly.

Where is the closest place to park for the Summit restaurant

Australia square has a Wilson car park. Flat rate evening rate

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