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I have a reservation, can I bring a birthday cake?

Can you bring underage people if there not drinking

Yes. I have bought my best friend's kids to eat there in the dining room upstairs.

Is there a dress code?

Only if you're off your face 👍

do they still do the $1 pinxtos at the bar downstairs? i moved away!


Hello I have tried unsuccessfully to talk to a person re making a booking and to ask questions as to the price of food now etc We have been to your great restaurant a few times and want to come again but am frustrated at your non phone service

Sorry, can't help you with the service you are not receiving.. But lunch time, Monday to Friday are $11.00 plate's.. And great food.. Not sure of night price's, but I always eat upstairs inside. And love the service, as I to am a hospitality member. Great place, love the staff. Try calling before, 12pm...

what to wear


Why is called Naked For Satan? I'm a Christian boi.

You can find Jesus at most car washes and landscaping facilities, not here!

Is booking required for the rooftop bar on a Saturday evening?

Not required but a good idea if you have a large group

Hi we had lunch at NFS this week & opened a tab at the bar to divide at the end. Why is it necessary to keep both driver's license & credit card behind the bar? My personal details have been out of my sight & I don't think this is ethical? Jo

And it's actually illegal to do that

Are kids allowed in , in presence of their parents?


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