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Miss Pickle 1971 Wantirna
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Miss Pickle 1971

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509 Burwood Hwy Knox O-Zone 3152, Wantirna

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Mahsa Mirmomeni


We ordered the mix grill from the sharing menu. The food was mediocre, nothing special. The Lam gyros was burnt. Not worth the price at all. The staff had a "well that's how it is" attitude and very dismissive. We were given sits outside although we had booked 2 days in advance. Outside seemingly had two types of outdoor heating, a ceiling one and a portable standing heater. Both were off. We asked to be sited inside because we had young children with us. We were refused stating fully booked. We asked for the outdoor heaters to be turned on. We were told by two different staff dismissively that they will be. They were not for the duration that we were there although it was very cold. The surcharge for public holiday was way too high. Overall, our group did not enjoy our time at this restaurant and we will not be returning.

Bastienne FΓΆller


We had a lunch combo of a pita sandwich and seasoned fries, which was both delicious. Friendly staff!


Val Kraken (ValKraken)


The packaging is Neato. Lemon potatoes yum same with the salad and pita bread. Couldn't really care for the falafels not much flavour and bit dry. Think if you had a sauce drizzled over everything this would be scrumptious meal. Overall pretty good, lil bit expensive.



Very nice food. Very nice and friendly service and pricing. One thought I had though, and that was the volume of the house music... it sounded authentic... but was TOO loud for me. Otherwise, a tasty eat out guys.

Mike Fitzgerald


A group of 4 of us had a very poor dining experience here last night. We arrived around 5.30, and ordered our entrees and mains. The entrees came out within 20 minutes which was fine but after 6pm the kitchen was unable to keep up with the orders. It took another hour and a half to be served our main meals, which when we received them, the meat was overcooked and the souvlakis had very little filling. One of our party was served her meal 15 minutes before the rest of us. There were people dining that I saw waiting for over an hour without being served at their table and more than a couple who were standing for 50 minutes or more waiting for their takeaway who were not at all impressed with the service. It is very likely that like us, they will not return. Eventually after having many customers asking when they could order or where their food and drinks orders were, the staff told customers that there would be a 50 minute wait for food. They should have told customers this in the first place. It looks like they had plenty of staff but simply didn't have their act together. This place used to be good but has gone downhill, there are plenty of other restaurants in ozone to choose from and if you are looking to have a nice meal with friends and family, particularly on a weekend evening, then it would pay to go elsewhere or be disappointed as we were.

Lady M


Pita bread with Tarama dips πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ The food it's yummy and really good service πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘. Reasonable price and good portion 😁

John Cranfield


Fantastic restaurant. We had a very tricky situation today and had to change all of our order to take away half way through our booking. The team were fantastic and accommodated our needs in a professional and caring way.... And the food is brilliant!

chloe barrett


Food was absolutely amazing and service was awesome. Really really impressed! Can’t wait to go back

Michael H


Food was nice. It was really busy so I can't be to judgemental but often you get your drinks first and then the food

Alvin Lieu


Haven't been back here since it opened up and it's looked like the place is a little worn down, but boy is the food still amazing! The pita they use is probably the best one I've had in recent memory and the other dishes on the menu are also great. The souvs are great value cause they come with a side as well, don't pass up on the lemon potatoes, honestly way better than the chips.

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