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Is this place BYO?

Yes, you can bring your drink

Is your meat halal? or do you have any halal dumplings or something?

Sure are! Especially the tasty tasty pork dumplings

is it a kids friendly venue?

Not really. Very cramped. Dumplings great though

Are their vegetarian dishes and non spicy vegetarian?

Thanks for your response. Much appreciated. I'm going later this week. Sounds rather yummy.

Does it cost anything for BYO?

Bottles of wine are cheap.. not a big selection

Msg free option ?

No msg.

Are there any gluten free options please?

Being a dumpling house it does restrict your options, and they do not mark any items on the menu as GF, but there are plenty of dishes that consist of protein and/or vegetables which I am sure will work for you such as Diced Chicken with dry chili and peanuts in a Szechuan Vinegar sauce.

Can I make an online booking?

I've never been able to make an on-line booking anywhere.

Do you have a private dining area?

Not that i am aware of

Is there a set menu option?

Not really, but the staff is quite helpful with the recommendations

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