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Shop 5 6 Bells Bvd Salt Village 2487, Kingscliff

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are you open Tuesday nights and do you have other dishes apart from seafood please

Are you open on Tuesday nights and do you have other other dishes on your menu as well as seafood

Do they offer prawns? from i see, duck breast, sirloin etc. no prawns


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Lewis Brend


We are in the hospitality trade and work in a very popular fine dining restaurant in Sydney. Came to Kingscliff for a little break and we are glad we found this place. Dined here a few times over the past few days. Staff are very attentive. Food is of a very high standard is presented beautifully. Highly recommended!

Sam Hayes


There's a reason this place is on the map. Incredible fresh seafood and helpful staff right by the beach.

Michael Lang


We just spent an amazing new years eve at this fantastic restaurant. The food was fresh and incredibly tasty and the service was impeccable. We cannot wait to eat there again.

Greg Smith


Third time to Fins will definitely be back soon,Great to see that Good Service still exists.Food and Ambience also 5 Star



We had a wonderful anniversary dinner. Fins is the kind of rare restaurant where the service is impeccable. The kind of restaurant that values its customers and the owner/chef comes to your table to personally wish you a happy wedding anniversary. Thank you Fins and Snowy for such a memorable night for us.

Carolyn Steve


The Worlds Healthiest Dessert @finsrestaurant - is delivered, and as I settle into it's visual beauty (after a ribbing by my friends because of my selection), the tropical essence of the coconut foam's scent lingers in mouth of the parfait glass giving a burst of fun. My mind drifts, transported in an instant, that no one sees, transported to a flood of memories, to summers, lazing through my simple childhood on Nobby's Beach, the scent of coconut oil lingering as I head into the surf. Strange that scents imbed themselves in ones psychy. That first spoonful continues my journey in time, it's as if I'm in another world deep in my thoughts whilst ....... living vicariously at this table where the where the ribbings have gone quiet. In fact the whole table's silent, are they too lost in thoughts, savouring their own memories I wonder. That first spoonful of sweet smooth coconut foam mingled with the tartiness of finely diced tropical fruits casts me even further into the back blocks of my mind. I delve deeper into the glass, as the flavour journey continues this time emerging with a velvet fluffy dark cacao moose. Its rich essence balancing perfectly with the coconut. Then as dive ever deeper there's a spongy yet firm surprise. Now I am to delight in the beetroot and cacao brownie. All I can say is the ribbing was well worth it. Thank you Snowy!


Andrea Pérez Madre


Wanted to join at fins for really long time. But unfortunately we never managed to have a day off when it was opened. The place did not meet our expectations at all. Our waitress Katie was lovely and gave all her best to provide a professional and attentive service , the wine list was attractive and diverse, but that was all. The food is average and lacks sense. We ordered some oysters followed by the sourdough which was clearly not fresh and still frozen in the centre. Followed by the bacalao bowls which where okay. The duck was over cooked and made not much sense flavours and texture wise. A cold lentil and unseasoned asparagus salad coming as a side along with an overpowering rhubarb. Expected a lot more of the prawns being in a highly rated place because of its seafood offering, but again lack of flavours and seasoning in the dish. Miso rice cake was too sweet while expecting something umami to match the sweetness of the prawns. Signature dish, Snowy’s fish was good, however nothing especial to die for. Flavours made sense and good quality but that is about it, something you could easily find somewhere else. The side dish Miso Eggplant was extra sweet and unbalanced, served in a “bath of sauce”. This is only a constructive feedback and an advice for future dinners. Maybe with lower expectations we could have gotten through. Having said that, definitely not worth the money, completely overpriced and over rated restaurant.



Awesome service and amazing food. So fresh, so delicious. Can’t wait to go back!


Hisham El Kiki


Food and service were impeccable. Our waiter Steve made the evening even more memorable with his relateable and larger than life manner and extensive knowledge of food and culture. This restaurant more than lives up to its reputation. If you haven't been yet put it on the list and make yourself some good memories.

renee gray


The ambience is exactly what you want from this part of the world when you are most likely on a holiday. Relaxed but the staff are very efficient. Make sure you book as this place does book out. Seafood was lovely. But the desserts were exceptional mainly because I’m dairy, gluten and sugar free and they had a dessert that met that brief and was Delicious!!!!

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FINS Restaurant and Bar is Australia's iconic, most awarded regional seafood restaurant. Located in Kingscliff, NSW, FINS celebrity chef Steven Snow has been serving the finest local produce for over 28 years. In 2019, FINS proudly added 3 new awards to its list: - National Best Restaurant Award - National Seafood Industry Awards - Best Seafood Restaurant’ in NSW - Sydney Fish Market Excellence Awards - 3 Glasses rating - Australia's Wine List of the Year Awards


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