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Ellena Takeaway & Pizza Bar Ngunnawal
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Ellena Takeaway & Pizza Bar

View phone +61 2 6253 8222

4 Riley Cl, Ngunnawal

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Chinh Tran


Serving the best pizza I’ve tried in the north side.

Trevor Higgs


The food coming out looked good especially the pizzas. If you have a lot of time on your hands and are willing to order and come back in 20 minutes then you will be happy. I phoned my order through- chips and scallops- that's it, should take 5 minutes but I had to reorder at the counter and then ask twice. This is the issue of a place that tries to make too many foods. Where have the real fish and chip shops gone!

Dave Croucher


40 minutes to make three battered savs and a club sandwich. Apart from that the place is okay.

James. Southwell


Done a phone order for 3 egg bacon rolls 1 hamburger , chips & 2 dim sims ... they had 10 staff working with hands on heads not knowing what to do ... they put my chips and dim sims in the box uncovered for over 15 mins as we waited for the rest then I asked what's going on and they said my hamburger was ready and there was 1 sitting there from the time I walked in but no egg and bacon rolls at all. The grease had leaked through the hamburger rapper so bad and looked so soggy. So after 30 mins of sitting there with the front door wide open in the middle of winter I had enough and got a refund and a I paid by card so God knows when I'll get my money back. Seen a guy walk in and get a pizza chips and a heap of scallops and took 15 mins.on top of it all there was only 3 customers waiting

John Hyland


Ordered fish & chips, plus fish burgers and some potato cakes. The only thing that was enjoyable was the chips - everything else was terrible. potato cakes were so overcooked they were inedible, as was the fish in the fish burgers. The service and timeliness was fine, but won't be going back as the food was definitely sub-standard.

Jaiden H


Ellenas is a easy to miss takeaway place tucked into the platypus shops. The prices are reasonable, and the chips are crunchy. Wait times are pretty average, 10-15 mins or so, but the store is always 1000 degrees, so i recommend ordering over the phone, and dropping in to pick up your order. Ellenas has a $15 eftpos minimum, but there is an IGA right next door if you need cashout.

Peter Tate


The takeaway food is amazing! Also the front is so much cleaner than other takeaways in the area.

Rohan Reece


Ordered hot chips and gravy. Chips weren't that hot, like they'd been sitting under a heat lamp for too long. They also put chicken salt on my chips without asking. Lucky I'm not overly sensitive to MSG. Plenty of gravy, the gravy was good.

Julie McKay


If we could a zero review we would. This is beyond a joke you have stuffed up our order again you only gave us part of the order then one has to come back and get the rest. We do not recommend this takeaway and will not be ordering from you again.

David Mitchell


Reliable, quality is average. Fish and chip shop.

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