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Can i use dine in vocher


Do they have eftpos yet?


Is that hand slaughter children

It's the best restraunt i could ever visit this is for fitness freaks not for tummy trunks

Are the chickens gluten free?

They are yum, but gluten free? I wouldn't think so. However as it is middle eastern, Lebanese food I cannot see why it wouldn't be. You would need to contract them to ask.

Do you deliver to Merrylands ?

Unfortunately they don't deliver

Can we just walkin or do we need book a reservation?

You can just walk in. No reservation required at all.

Do they do delivery ?

No delivery, only cash accepted.

What's the most popular dish here? And is charcoal chicken same as kebabs?

Charcoal chicken is very different to kebabs. Has a different smokey taste. This place is known for its amazing chicken and garlic sauce. I recommend the chicken roll with extra garlic!

Do they take credit card

They have finally got with the times and you can now pay via EFTPOS

Is this halal?

Yes it is.

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