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Darwin Military Museum East Point
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Darwin Military Museum

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LOT 5434 Alec Fong Lim Dr, East Point

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Eric Rulton


Very interesting, Guns and Vehicle's. The Bombing of Darwin virtual show was simply amazing, a must to see

Kim Schneider


Looking for free tourist attractions in Darwin, put this one on the list. Apart from the historical value it has an amazing view. public toilets are located near here and its close to the military museum.


Andrew Wright (allrite)


The indoor museum describes the 1942 bombing of Darwin in great detail, however the museum is much more than that. Various artillery and armoured equipment is on display in the beautiful tropical grounds, while bunkers provide information on different wars and tools of war. The electromechanical artillery computers and range finding equipment was of particular interest. The museum is on the site of the gun emplacements protecting Darwin and you can see the huge 9 inch gun mounted in one. Even if you are not particularly interested in military matters there should be enough here to make it worth a visit. For military and history buffs it is a must see.



It was absolutely brilliant. After all the whinging from the kids in the car beforehand about another boring museum (They loved it). We all learned a lot about Darwin's efforts during the war. Some areas are air conditioned and some are not, very friendly staff. Highly recommended for anyone visiting Darwin.

Helen Rymer


We came here with an hour to spare. We did get around in the nick of time to see most of the displays.

Arthur Hurwitz


This is a recommended attraction for any history buffs visiting Darwin. Although the main attractions are focused around the bombing of Darwin by the Japanese Imperial Forces in Feb 1942, you’ll also learn about the history of Darwin itself, Japanese expansionism in Asia and the Pacific, starting in the early 1930s, and the events that took place subsequent to the infamous bombing. It’s an interesting museum, beautifully curated with love, care and attention to detail. There are inside and outside displays and a movie theatre where you can watch a short movie on the actual event of 19 Feb 1942. It’s full of tension and foreboding, and extremely cleverly put together, with original footage, and recreated animations to show how the Japanese perpetrated the dastardly deed, and the grim aftermath. Inside just next to the ticket office is a little cafe selling coffee, sandwiches and snacks etc. Next to that is a shop selling the usual souvenirs and books. The day we visited, it was pretty quiet, just a smattering of other visitors. The museum is in a bit of a remote location on East Point reserve, about 8km from Darwin city centre. There’s no public transport, but a taxi or uber will cost about $20 each way. Seniors tickets are $15 each, regular ones are $20 each. Make this your no 1 attraction to visit in Darwin.

Bev Carlyon


An amazing place. Exhibits well presented inside and outside the museum. An opportunity to understand the full picture for the people of Darwin. The movie is very well done and would be an easy way to educate children and stimulate their quest for knowledge

David Baker


Haven't been here for 20+ years and it has grown dramatically. I highly recommend a visit and would allow around 3hrs to take take it in. The entry fee of $20- is very reasonable for what you get. The audio visual display in the theatre was so good I had to sit through it twice to really appreciate it.

Nelson Hochman


This museum is definitely a MUST if you visit Darwin. And to be honest, I am not a huge fan of museums! Kids will love it as there are a lot of interactive things to do/watch.

Jaclyn Brook


The history here was amazing, seeing the old machinery was cool. If your interested in the history of war then highly recommend

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