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What time can we use the multi story cark for free on days the optus stadium is in use

New rules since last week Multi level car park charges $20 per day. (Member/non member) if you play / spend and earn points (unsure as to how much) its free. P3,P6,P8 is free.

Does the ultimate lunch/dinner have a pool pass included like last year?

Been on the website recently and saw that this offer starts October 14 onwards for the 2019 season.

Crown open Easter Monday?

Casino 10pm.

Is there a cafe in Crown Perth?


Is the seating all back to normal now ? Are all the machines being used ?

Everything looked open to me.

is the casino open, //'////

No, not till 12:01 Monday

Can i use a credit card to buy chips or do you need cash to play.

Crown can accommodate any way of taking your money lol! They also have a currency exchange if you need it

Do they have a playground for kids?

No they dont have one.

Is the casino open for tonight?


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Expect an answer!

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