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What's special here?

Try their calamari & pizza calabrese, both are my favourite, their tiramisu is the best in the continent 👌

Do they have Halal options?

Hi SF Thanks for your message We are not an halal restaurant however we do serve halal chicken And we can cook vegetarian and non pork dishes or without wine. We look forward to seeing you soon! 🇮🇹

Is it license

When we go there we bring our own bottle of wine as there's no alcohol.

Are you open for dine in and do you have to make a booking now.

Open for dine in 5 pm - 10 pm No booking needed

are they on uber eats

Yes they are

do you deliver?

Yes on uber eats

Are you take BYO ?

What do you mean

What parking is available

Be wary of parking in the alley opposite Ciao Italia, next to the Bookstore Cafe, as a car was broken in a few spots away from mine. Park in view of the road if able.

Is it possible to book on a Saturday evening?

It is not possible to book at South Perth.

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