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2609 Dawson Rd 31707, Albany

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What age does this chick fil a hire at?

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Thank you for my old bread and cold meat. At least my lettuce was crisp. For the money I spent it should've been the greatest meal, especially since this is the last day of 2020. Well I guess Chick-fil-A said they will sum up the year with a sandwich to match.

Vickie Roney


Service was quick. Food normally hot and good but this day they used chopped salad lettuce that wasn't all fresh on my sandwich. Didn't sit too well on my stomach😐 so this visit was a little disappointing.

Haylee Harry


Food was delicious! But the service was so bad. I’ve never had this experience here before.. I hate to leave a bad review on such a good restaurant! There was only one employee that has me thinking “why would you work at such a good place with a horrible attitude?”… i waited, then asked her if I could order because she wasn’t paying me any attention (talking to her co workers), she looked at me stared for a good 10 seconds and turned around and rolled her eyes with a look of confusion and left me to think she was annoyed. I’ve been here multiple times and this was the first I’ve ever been in such distraught. Once again I do not blame the restaurant, just one bad experience..

Destinie Crawford


Customer service was ok, I just wish my chicken was a bit more crispy, when I asked if my chicken could be left in longer they said they weren't sure they could even do that. Other than that it was alright.

Willis Weaver


Can't say enough great things about this place. Best chicken sandwiches period. Best customer service period. Even Best lemonade period. The food alone makes me a loyal customer but the service is even better. When i drive up, I never worry about the length of the line because we always get served quickly. Other fas food restaurants should find out where Chik Fila gets their employees from as the professionalism and courtesy are FAR superior then other restaurants

courtney harpe


Always great. Service can take a little bit sometimes, but that's bc everybody wants chik-fil-a at the same time. I always order in the app and rarely wait more then a few minutes unless they are just slammed.

Anna Goodrum


I travel for work a lot. And chick fil a is my go to, not this one.. ordered breakfast which included a gallon tea which I always do to put in my hotel fridge tried to give me tea made from yesterday.. asked for fresh tea because it does sour quick the guy told me it was, I asked when it was made yesterday ok that’s not fresh I refused to take it till they gave me fresh tea. Get back to my hotel room and my burrito, the eggs was aweful on it was to have extra cheese it barely had any cheese on it.. not chick fil a quality at all…. Will not be returning to this location.. and the staff was rude and rolled eyes and the attitude from the manager was ridiculous…

Chuck Spencer


This is a typical Chick fl A... Very busy, but the line still rolls on through fairly quickly. The staff are always super friendly and pleasant . Which is a nice change to find anywhere around Albany. I've been here multiple times before and I will be back soon.

Louise Chandler


Love chic, but the line for the drive-through was so long.After I ordered my food, it was 20 minutes before I got to the window. My fries were not freshly cooked.

Charles Norvell


Chicfila used to never get my order wrong but the last 5 or so times I've been, they've messed something up every time. Whether its the wrong sauces, not enough straws/sauces, or missing some drinks/food.

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