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Big Rocking Horse Gumeracha
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Big Rocking Horse

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452 Torrens Valley Rd, Gumeracha

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Hi how much entrance please.

I like turtles 🐍

whatn is this?

Has it burnt down from the fires?

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Jessie P


Fun stop for our day out. Has cafe and small wildlife park

Tony Reynolds


Pretty impressive.

Vincent Ng


Very good. Impressive

Saurabh Sharma


Worth spending some quality time with kids. You can visit and see many animals and birds in the park like peacocks, emo’s ducks etc. Specially good for toddlers to experience few animals so close to them as they feed & touch them... Animals are very friendly. As like many reviews, entry to park is $2/person and same goes for climbing at the big rocking horse. Cafe is good. Food was tasty which is not overpriced at all. Have few toys (outside the cafe) and inside too at one corner for kids to enjoy while you have your meal.

Madi Sparkles


There are a few things I think in particular the Cafe may need to work. Our food was sort of slow to come out considering there was very little in the cafe, the wrap we ordered was soggy, the cappuccino was average and not very hot (little foam and very milky). All other food and drink experiences were overall good, however. There was no sink with soap as you leave the wildlife area and have to walk through the shop to get to the toilets for a sink. We paid to see the wildlife but most of the animals were away and not roaming (sheep, kangaroos, emus were away early in the day) The rocking horse itself is fun to get a photo of at the top. The day was an overall good experience just a few things that could be improved.

Ray Warren


This place is still well patronised and popular after all these years. Our toddler loved looking at all the wooden toys and souvenirs while we waited for the rain to stop. Then it was out to feed the animals of the wildlife park. Goats, kangaroos, alpacas, wallabies and ducks were hungry but not aggressive. There's also a cafe if you are as hungry as the rescue animals next door. This is the first time I have been here and was surprised how good it was.

Ashley M


It is a cheap close encounter with some wildlife including kangaroo, wallaby, alpaca, peacock. However, the turtle dam was completely empty no turtles in sight. A lot of animals hiding or missing and it was toward the end of the day so a lot of them were not up for petting or performing their advertised tricks (talkative birds not talking etc). The horse is quite underwhelming for a party of 2 adults and costs a small fee to climb - kids might enjoy it though. Wildlife park is worth the entry fee even if we only saw a few animals.

Adam P


Not a tourist trap. It could be one so easily but everything is fairly priced. $2 per person to see a heap of ducks, kangaroos, sheep, emus etc (not the most comprehensive collection but great value for little kids). $2 to climb the rocking horse (what can you buy for $2 these days?). The Cafe is reasonably priced, they're making a profit for sure but the prices are takeaway shop prices and I don't mind paying given that we spent 2 hours with the kids for under $10. The best thing about the Cafe is that some of the toys that are made here are available for the kids to play with to wait for their food. The actual toy store is pretty decent but no one was making toys while we were there. I can see why, the toys made here are pretty expensive. They are old school wooden toys that cost a lot to buy but last decades. Not what people are into these days but I'm hoping there'll be a resurgence. They have Chinese made toys too which would appeal to those that want to pay less. Overall would recommend, the big rocking horse is a quality 'big' attraction unlike some others around. Kids will love it.

Viswanath Sairam


Wonderful place for Family and Kids to spend quality time in the park among with Native Australian animals. It also have a very good Cafe with nice staff and good food options...Wooden toy shop is nice with lot of Chinese colourful toys and Quality Australian made amazing unique wooden toys..has a good parking space.

Seyed Mohmed


Loved it. Fine place to see hand craft toys. Enjoy time with your children. Hassle free.

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