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Bengong Garden Cabramatta
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Bengong Garden

2/91 John St, Cabramatta

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Rosie Ale


Cabramatta Bengong is the best Bengong I’ve ever tried. The drinks are always spot on. The reason for a updated 3 star review from my previous 5 star is one of the employees. There was this delivery driver who came to pick up an order and was rudely told off “not ready” basically yelled at in front of customers. That poor guy looked like he was about to cry. He looked humiliated and he left. Damn he was just doing his job. Can’t support a business who treats people like that. Hope they hire better people.


Lisa Food Adventures


A bit of an all rounder Asian bakery and tea place where they serve pretty Cakes and all sorts of Milk Tea. I've tried quite a few drinks here and found them to be okay. But being in Cabramatta, there are plenty of other choices. However if I were to stumble upon just a Bengong store, I wouldn't mind grabbing a drink. Purple rice is pretty nice so far along with your fruity drinks.

Yen Nguyen


Nice bubble tea place with lots of nice breads & toppings! desserts are great! Recommended!


Misspiggyexplores in Sydney


This was my second time visiting this little bubble tea shop in Cabramatta. The first time I ordered a fruit tea, it did taste a little ordinary, nothing so special about it, but it did quench my thirst because it was a very hot day! I felt like I was in a sauna, so I had to buy a drink to cool myself down! The second time I was here was last Saturday! I didn’t buy any beverages however I saw the displayed cakes and bread etc, and it attracted me to return! As I have the biggest sweet tooth!! As you walk in, you will see a display of Goodies & the Purple Ube Mochi bun caught my attention!! So I purchased it and I also ordered the pink bun “Purple rice taro Mochi” 1) Ubi Mochi, loved the sweet soft bun, the inside was very delicious, similar to the red bean texture but with a different sweet potato taste. 2) The purple rice Taro Mochi, was a bit tasteless. The rice taro was not my cup of tea, I didn’t like the rice grainy texture and flavour. The shop only served fresh milk 🥛 with their bubble tea range. I am lactose intolerant and I can only have bubble tea if it’s powdered formula (guess it has less lactose!) or if it’s soy milk, which was quite disappointing as they did not have that option 🙄

Reynaldi Hadianto


Great new addition in Cabramatta. They do good bakery and milk tea.

Al Amin


Always a pleasure and the first place in mind when need myself some “mood food”. Haven’t tried the breads too much but teas are absolutely amazing. Fresh and made on the spot, very unique to what else is around. The chef, James is always welcoming and happy to answer any questions or make recommendations no matter what time or day or how many times I ask. All round 5/5 for food and service. 👍🏽

Vy Pham


Love every bit of it! The food and drinks here never disappointed me. The ambiance lighting and seating makes for a good Insta photo and the price is fairly reasonable. My fav spot to chill after a hearty feast in Cabramatta. P/S: they have a new "Wawachi" machine here which is super cute - or a plush toy machine in English but it's not as cute

Angelica Collins


Great made tea, great music playing Staff need to place a notice on the machine, as I saw people putting in money and then walking away because it does not work. Tokens are needed from the staff.

Hai Nguyen


Are you kidding? This is the best milk tea ever. I have tried most of their flavour and they all taste very special.

Aimée Nguyễn


Not bad at all! Not really spacious but the staffs work fast!

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