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Bagel Bar & New York Deli Bondi
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Bagel Bar & New York Deli

View phone +61 451 466 628

Shop 1/84 Curlewis St, Bondi

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Luisa Estigoy


It's a really inviting and well thought out cafe in terms of aesthetics, but I was a little disappointed by the bagels themselves. They have a nice range and a build your own option, but we settled for something quick and chose from the menu. I'm not sure what was missing, but they lacked something! We've had better bagels.

Alice Arca


Lovely atmosphere with friendly service. The owner was happy for us to sit and take our time while we waited to check into our Airbnb. The food was delicious and the boiled bagels are made by real New Yorkers. Highly recommend coming here for a peaceful brunch!

Philip Blaquiere


Bagel sandwiches are very good value and taste great. The pastrami one in particular is delicious and filling to say the least! Definitely the closest attempt at the classic NY bagel in the Sydney area, hits the spot!

Tim Campbell


So, lots of different factors 1) bagels are much better than most in Australia. But lack the sweet finish. Not convinced they were boiled on the way. 2) not super authentic, serve ham on a bagel, umm no. Also no chive schmear. But cream cheese was whipped. 3) a good effort by a non native. Will do again. More choice of cream cheese would be great.

AJ Chenovich


As a New Yorker, this is one of the better attempts at new york style bagels in Sydney. Texture still isn’t 100% what I’m used to, but good.

Marusha Ison


Bagel really amazing, price expensive for not a lot in it. I came in today and asked if they had any vegan options the lady could not hear me so abruptly told me to speak up I said vegan options she offered me one seem to hurry me when it was not hugely busy I would have ordered more but was a bit shocked with how rude the lady was serving me. I would have added fillings or at least been given the option as it was my first time there. I just felt a bit shocked with how I was treated having worked in the service industry myself I would not think that is how you treat customers especially first time ones based on this I feel too nervous to return that I may get treated rudely or these lady turn her nose up at me. It is a shame as the bagel was very good the service just sucked

Rachel Ross


As a native New Yorker I have searched high and low for a good bagel. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the Bagel Bar. After living here for 7yrs, this the first place that made a girl feel like home. And I’m a hard critic. Time and time again this place does not disappoint!

Simon Williams


Very nice cafe, but how you can justify selling a salmon bagel for $18! How will I ever afford my bagels and a house deposit!? Wish I could add a photo, so you could see the single slice of salmon I received.

Kenny Glassman


Spectacular find! Great menu, Yvette’s a gem, and they’ve got the best bagels anywhere - and I’m from the land of bagels! They’ve also got (varieties of!) New York baked cheesecake that will knock your socks off!

Greg Wallis


3 bagel places on the one strip and this is hands down the best!!!! And that’s saying something cause they are all good. Always friendly service and the pastrami is the best I’ve ever had!

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