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Al Fresco Palm Beach
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Al Fresco

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2345 South Ocean Boulevard 33480, Palm Beach

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Curtis Bain


Great view and great food



Great outdoor dining on porch overlooking a green and the ocean. This view is hard to beat for anyone looking for casual reasonably priced dining. If you get here during peak dining hours I’m told expect to wait a little as this is a popular restaurant. I had a Turkey club sandwich with fries and ice tea. Very substantial and tasty. Other dishes look very good! Enjoy the view!

Graham Brunk


Ordered chicken Milanese which I’ve had here before which was good. This time it came with almost no onions or tomatoes, completely dry, and it took a long time to even get the attention of staff to fix it. Ended up getting balsamic which was different than the typical more oily dressing they usually pour over the arugula. it was too thick and sweet. I didn’t eat it. We were still charged for it wasn’t offered anything else. Trina was our server. I was with a large party so she was getting her guaranteed gratuity so she was not really sympathetic. This is Palm Beach it should have been perfect and nothing less.

Lane Buchan


Not a big restaurant there is inside and outside seating. We went at night but it would be a superb view during the day of the ocean. The restaurant is on the Palm Beach Par 3 course. The service was excellent. Food is good. We had two dishes: the ravioli alfresco (it was very good), and the fettuccine with cream mushroom sauce. The ravioli was definitely the better dish. They do serve bread which was nice and warm. Ask for olive oil and balsamic. Caesar salad was good we split it. Plenty big enough. Desserts were good. Crème brûlée and the cheesecake. All in all a good place it was quite noisy on a Friday night. Would I specifically go back there for anything I had? Probably not. You won’t find better service tho.

Adrian Galindez


Great location and golf courts view with a glimpse of an ocean view. Menu options are most Italian and variable. We had a minestrone and Al fresco Pizza and was very good. Recommend placing a reservation beforehand to get a good table.

Paul Verrilli


Had the salad with pear, pecan, and Goat cheese. It was ok. I would've liked some kind of protein and the nuts were raw, which I don't usually care for. I would have liked them to be candied or something to give a touch of sweetness to go along with the fruits and cheese and would pair with the tangy vinegar dressing. My boss ordered the pepperoni Pizza, which he let me try. It was ok, but not great. The best thing we ate was the bread for the table and the Eggplant appetizer. That would probably be the only dish I would eat again. Not bad, but pricey. Great view of the beach and golf course.

Robert Moore


First time there, sat on the outside balcony, overlooking the ocean. Food was good, staff was super friendly, the Bloody Mary was tasty! I imagine this place gets quite busy in season. Looking forward to going back for breakfast!



I would not recommend this place. The food was not bad but no one in my group found it worth the price. I ordered the lasagna and felt that Olive Garden's lasagna tastes much better and comes with soup or salad. Our waiter was ok but not very personable. The prices were way too expensive for the quantity and quality of food. The presentation of the food was good and the atmosphere was ok.

Natalie Caldwell


Pluses and minuses to the Al Fresco dining experience - YAYS - The starter bread was fresh out of the oven and insanely hot (always a nice touch). The truffle fries were totally worth the $20 because there were actually large pieces of truffle. Totally worth getting. BLAHS - Holy outdoor lighting. For dinner, the outdoor lighting is daylight/blue which is awful especially when it turns the color of your food and unnatural color (see photos). They messed up our drink order off the bat (thankfully fixed it immediately). The chicken parmigiana was MASSIVE, however, the sauce was meh and the mozzarella was mediocre quality. The branzino was the most expensive thing on the menu and TOTALLY not worth it. It was a small portion and unimaginative. The bucatini was actually perfectly al dente but the red sauce was lacking in flavor and rather disappointing. Overall, not impressive or impressed.

Bill C3


The view was a 5 star but the food and service was average at best. Our drink order took forever to get to us and the waiter came over again to get our appetizer order and we told him not until the drinks arrive. I got the scallops and shrimp and while the seafood wasn’t over cooked the sauce was pathetic. No flavor at all and very disappointing. My wife got the crab cakes and she said they were just average and needed some seasoning. The waiter also served everyone their entree except one of our party of 6 and then we waited for over 5 minutes for that to arrive. That should never happen. And our food was barely warm by the time we were able to eat it. The portions of food were small for the price as well. My entree only had 3 scallops and 3 medium sized shrimp that were supposed to be jumbo and I was still hungry. The place was packed because of the spectacular views of the golf course and the ocean. They need a new chef here because the food is just bland.

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