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The Best 15 Restaurants in South Perth, Western Australia, Australia

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Mister Walker Restaurant
/ 1076

Mends Street Jetty 6151, South Perth

Great food, great service and wonderful view - will definitely come back here!

The Windsor Hotel
/ 1094

112 Mill Point Rd. Locked Bag 5 6151, South Perth

Had dinner Friday night good food and service was very good.

Secret Garden Cafe & Patisserie
/ 390

64 Angelo St 6151, South Perth

I been there for a work break and had coffee and cheese cake, like the hidden garden.

The Boatshed Restaurant
/ 321

Coode Street Jetty, Coode Street 6151, South Perth

Dreadful. Surly waiter, cold and draughty table, food well below par and remarkably slow. Prawn entree not de-veined, pork belly far from crisp and barely warm. Main duck and beef dishes both overcooked, dry, and lukewarm. Close to three hundred bucks for two with a bottle of wine. Avoid.

Millpoint Caffe Bookshop
/ 318

254 Mill Point Rd 6151, South Perth

food was average, the experience could have been 5 star if it wasn't overshadowed by grumpy and unhappy staff. exception to you mr barista!

Rambla On Swan
/ 275

85 South Perth Esp Shop 39, Corner Mend St 6151, South Perth

It was our wedding anniversary, stopped by on the south Perth following a drive around the rive, the table was great, city/river view. Dinner was awesome - had Harvey grain fed beef filet, West coast gold band snapper, spaghetti for my daughter and Corella pear for desert. Felt like a Master chef was preparing our dinner. The food was great, the presentation was unbelievable and services was good too. Can't fault anything tonight. We will definitely be back!!

Gusto Food
/ 234

86 Angelo St 6151, South Perth

The pulled pork ciabatta is so good I couldn't even believe it.

Halo Espresso
/ 194

82 Angelo St 6151, South Perth

A lovely little cafe with good food attended by a broad spectrum of the community. Love the Lentil Patty.

Atomic Espresso
/ 246

19-21 Mends St 6151, South Perth

One of my new little getaways in my neighborhood :) Good food, good coffee, and good music. Especially the Electronica mix!. Thumbs up

Globe Coffee House
/ 187

76 Angelo St 6151, South Perth

I was a breakfast server for several years and have very high standards for service and food. I was worried going out for breakfast as my partner and I usually make an elaborate breakfast ourselves for an affordable price. I was surprised to find the coffee hot (which I never get) the food was excellent and the service fast and friendly. I also read the below review about someone being charged a lot more on Mother's Day. The majority of restaurants in Australia charge a lot more on public holidays. It's a standard in the industry. This should not have come as a surprise.

/ 187

138 Canning Hwy 6151, South Perth

Amazing! Been open for one week and the place is packed with a queue! Amazing food, coffee and service! Love the long table in the middle and kaya toast with eggs! Reminds me of Singapore! They roast their own coffee and have a sexy marzocco linea PB.

Manic Espresso
/ 92

27 Murray St 0, South Perth

Great espresso and service very efficient.

/ 39

213 Kent Street Karawara 6152, South Perth

Good food, but TERRIBLE staff (apart from the owners - middle-aged couple) ! The girls who work there don't even know the prices, are so slow, and don't seem to understand English at all sometimes.

Euro Patisserie
/ 13

81A Angelo St 6151, South Perth

This has to be the best value breakfast offerings in Perth. The $11.50 Big Breakfast comes with two slices of bread, baked beans, half a tomato, bacon, two eggs, a hash brown, mushrooms and a coffee. Everything in this place is value for money. The staff are friendly and it's easy to understand why this little no frills patisserie has so many regulars who eat here daily. The regulars are normal people who are not caught up in what others think of them. The prices are like the prices we used to pay in Perth twenty years ago. If you decide to visit this place don't expect a fine dining experience, on the contrary expect a value for money filling meal.




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