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The Best 15 Japanese, Restaurants in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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/ 1388

180 Flinders Lane 3000 , Melbourne

This is one of the best restaurant experiences I have ever had. I loved every minute of my time at the fabulous place! T

Shujinko Elizabeth
/ 1441

427 Elizabeth St 3000 , Melbourne

20 minute wait for a table at 7pm on a Thursday night which is not that bad for popular places in the CBD. My expectati

Hakata Gensuke Ramen
/ 1185

168 Russell St 3000 , Melbourne

If you love ramen or miss Japan like I often do then visiting these guys is an absolute MUST. Both the incredibly friend

Don Don Australia
/ 915

198 Little Lonsdale St 3000 , Melbourne

I have been visiting Don Don regularly for the last couple of months. Every day, after the gym, I walk up to this restau

Mr Ramen San
/ 632

Shop 12 200 Bourke St 3000 , Melbourne

How I wish Mr Ramen San was in Sydney! If it was I would probably have lunch every day at this superb ramen-ya and as a

/ 786

175 Flinders Lane 3000 , Melbourne

Overall rating: 5/5 Best tasting dining experience we’ve ever had. Every bite, we turned speechless as the flavours o

Little Ramen Bar
/ 540

346 Little Bourke St 3000 , Melbourne

I ordered takeaway - one Spicy Miso Ramen (level 4 spicy), one Shio Ramen and one gyoza. I am pleasantly surprised when

Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen
/ 526

27 Russell St Basement 3000 , Melbourne

Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen is located on Russell Street in Melbourne. Walking downstairs into the basement, it has a large di

Sushi Hub Swanston
/ 553

55 Swanston St 3000 , Melbourne

Sushi Hub is very popular. I was wandering around browsing for somewhere to eat. I spied the sushi train when I was look

Don Don Australia
/ 404

5 Bank St 3205 , Melbourne

Where do i begin with Don dons, in my short 20 years of growing up in Melbourne I've never come across a restaurant with

Uncle Tetsu
/ 341

Shop 3 55 Swanston St 3000 , Melbourne

The infamous wobbly cheesecake from Uncle Tetsu lives up to the hype - for those who's palette who likes subtle flavours

/ 433

295 Lonsdale Street Shop M0004, Emporium Melbourne 3000 , Melbourne

I love this place. Both the sushi and Japanese BBQ are great. Love eating at the sushi train and the Japanese BBQ was

/ 430

Southgate Avenue Shop 20/3 3006 , Melbourne

I have to day at the outset that I attended here for a birthday party lunch with 16 people and it was during covid restr

KUU Cafe + Japanese Kitches
/ 343

190 Park St 3205 , Melbourne

A nice little Japanese eatery in South Melbourne. I first went there on the weekend for brunch. We decided to sit outsid

Pepper Lunch
/ 522

311 Elizabeth St 3000 , Melbourne

I have often woken up at night craving pepper lunch. That's how good this place is. It's unassuming - you go in, you pic

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