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The Best 15 Restaurants in Box Hill, Victoria, Australia

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David's Master Pot 大味麻辣烫 (Box Hill 博士山)
/ 423

606 Station St, Box Hill

First time here.... I thought I made a mistake.... but it’s pretty damn fresh and tasty and the lemon tea drink helps wash it down well!! Would recommend!!!!! Freaking delicious!!

Red Cup Cafe
/ 425

1124 Whitehorse Rd 3128, Box Hill

Extremely expensive. What's the fuss with this place?

Bak Kut Teh King
/ 251

966 Whitehorse Rd 3128, Box Hill

Very good Bak Kut Teh soup, very authentic KL style Bak Kut teh. The pork meat and fat were cooked perfectly. Can you believe they won world top 50 Bak Kut teh competition year 2019/20? Never know this competition is actually existed 😳. However, the price tag is expensive. Expect to pay from $17. 50 per pax just have a bowl of meat soup and rice. If add Chinese donut, lettuce, enoki mushroom, $30 is not enough to pay for a person. Which is sounds very luxurious.

Simon's Peking Duck Chinese Restaurant
/ 427

197B Middleborough Road 0, Box Hill

Very nice Peking Duck. Dare say best in Melbourne

Kitchen Republik
/ 320

MM2/1 Main Street 3128, Box Hill

Good quality reasonable price large quantity. Good variety of food. Good ambient. But don't understand why they don't spread the customers than put them next to each other.

China Bar
/ 406

607 Station St 3128, Box Hill

Cheap, fast-food style Chinese with the occasional exceptional dish.

Woolworths Box Hill
/ 340

Cnr Main & Station St, Box Hill

Very disorganised. You guys need to refer to other woollies to organise the isles better.

VegieHut Vegetarian Restaurant
/ 221

984 Whitehorse Rd 3128, Box Hill

Fantastic vegetarian food made as mock meat dishes. Finally, as a vegetarian, I'm able to try many delicious meat dishes while not having to eat the meat. This is my all time favourite restaurant.

Sushi Jiro Box Hill
/ 251

Box Hill Central SP037/1-2 Main Street, Box Hill

Fresh delicious sushi! A really extensive menu including desserts and hot dishes. Staff were friendly and attentive. Prices were reasonable for a sushi train.

Indochine Vietnamese Restaurant
/ 313

51 Carrington Rd 3128, Box Hill

Great food, marginally expensive ($1-2 more on a bowl of noodle soup) compared to other Vietnamese restaurants but still cheap compared to Western restaurants. The meat and rice dishes are great.

Cafe Rubix
/ 191

519 Middleborough Rd 3129, Box Hill

Lovely food and excellent service from very friendly people.

Ichi Ramen
/ 213

Box Hill Central, 60B/1 Main St, Box Hill VIC 3128, Australia Shop 60B 3128, Box Hill

A nice new addition to the area which once again caters for the Asian tastebuds.

Lu Yang Dumpling House
/ 198

617 Station St 3128, Box Hill

I have never had a bad experience here. Yummy genuine food at fantastic prices. You CANNOT go wrong.

Dainty Sichuan
/ 212

2A Cambridge St 3128, Box Hill

If you like hot pots, you'll love this place. There's a huge variety of food to order from for you to cook in your little "personal" hot pots. You get to choose from different broths to cook your meats and vegetables in and there's even a little condiments station for you to mix and match the condiments you like. I had the spicy broth and it was a little to spicy and oily for me but overall it's a nice Chinese restaurant and it seemed to be very busy so make sure you book a place in advance if you have a large group!

Second Wife
/ 152

8 Wellington Rd 3128, Box Hill

Great milieu, asian-mideastern fusion, really good coffee and most friendly and rapid service. The food not only looks but also tastes good. Professionally made and presented. Worth finding a park for.




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