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The Best 15 Restaurants in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

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Mures Lower Deck
/ 1460

Victoria Dock Downstairs 7000 , Hobart

Having taken my Fiancee to MURES on his fly home day in the hope they had listened to my feedback I was EXTREMELY HAPPY

Da Angelo Ristorante
/ 771

47 Hampden Rd 7000 , Hobart

We were in Tassie in late April early May, one of our nights we stayed in Battery point, booked dinner at this amazing a

Drunken Admiral
/ 1000

Davey road 7000 , Hobart

The Drunken Admiral restaurant in Hobart is one of the best seafood restaurants in the area. Screaming with personality,

Urban Greek
/ 697

103 Murray Street 7000 , Hobart

My partner and I were in Hobart on a weekend away. We had visited Mona then I was wanting an amazing foodie experience t

Bar Wa Izakaya
/ 669

216 Elizabeth St 7000 , Hobart

Bar Wa is deluxe, lets just get that out of the way. It ticks all the boxes and some. Not only does it do a damn good j

Jackman & McRoss
/ 810

4 Victoria St 7000 , Hobart

Fantastic food: we ordered two meat pies. The lamb with rosemary was tender and juicy. Flavourful. Well cooked and very

/ 598

5, Knopwood Street 7000 , Hobart

This place was recommended by the Lonely Planet guide and we decided to try it out. It certainly delivered on delicious

Harbour Lights Cafe
/ 638

29 Morrison St 7000 , Hobart

Booked for a table of four on what turned out to be a very busy Friday night last week - welcome to the new Hobart! We w

Brooke Street Pier
/ 619

12 Franklin Whrf , Hobart

Brooke Street Pier is a tourist hub in Hobart, providing the starting point for cruises to such interesting places as Br

Ball and Chain Grill
/ 693

87 Salamanca Place 7000 , Hobart

To tell you the truth, we were hesitant about Ball & Chain due to the consistently inconsistent reviews of the service a

New Sydney Hotel Restaurant
/ 524

87 Bathurst St 7000 , Hobart

Returned after an excellent dinner last year; The New Sydney Hotel (The Greatest Little Pub In Town est 1835) is situat

Frank Restaurant and Bar
/ 501

1 Franklin Whrf 7000 , Hobart

This Franks ended my Tasmania trip on such a great note. My partner and I both agree that 1. the service was, albeit slo

Lark Distillery Whisky Bar
/ 461

14 Davey St 7000 , Hobart

The place looked like a bar - the first thing that caught my attention was a collection of whisky bottles beyond the cou

Honey Badger Dessert Cafe
/ 439

7 Salamanca Sq 7004 , Hobart

A great dessert cafe based in Hobart bringing you desserts for a good price. They're very reasonable with the prices and

Rockwall Bar and Grill
/ 419

89 Salamanca Pl Battery Point 7004 , Hobart

I was in Tassi just 4 nights ago eating at Rockwall Bar and Grill and the dinner I had, to celebrate my birthday, was ab

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