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The Best 15 Restaurants in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

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Darwin Trailer Boat Club
/ 620

8 Atkins Drive Fannie Bay 820, Darwin

From the entrance to the bar, things here are simple. If you like simple with a great view then look no further. One of the most appealing things about this place, is the fact that it has an open area for dining. So the view and atmosphere is fantastic! its back to basics, and put down that phone!. The drink prices are reasonable, and the food okay. the bad stuff: let's begin - food...do not order the barra and chips here i was thinking that by paying 25.00 the barra would be of decent size portion, but no...little strips of barra! and it was lightly battered meaning it didn't cook well, same with the chips. I understand speed, but please..cook the food properly.. The cheesy breads are nice though. Ohh and the special fried rice for $8.00 was freshly cooked!!! that was way better than the barra and chips. A huge decent size serve! The good stuff: Okay view (trust me) and atmosphere, what more could you want, take photos and relax. Now if there was only some jazz music to go with my wine...

Sweet Brew & Co Dining Room
/ 521

45 Stuart Hwy Stuart Park 820, Darwin

Lovely little joint. Friendly, great coffee, great vego food, genuine brewed chai. One of my happy Launceston places.

Hanuman Restaurant Darwin
/ 529

The Beaufort Hotel 93 Mitchell St 800, Darwin

I’m always a little bit dubious of fusion restaurants. It feels like a mid-90s fad. A gimmicky and kitsch concept none unlike like a baseball alarm clock. In these modern times, especially where austerity seems to be the word of the day, we are demanding authenticity en mass. But I’m often wrong… Hanuman, located just at the edge of Darwin’s party district (or should I say 100 meter-ish street) is a Thai Indian restaurant with an interesting blend. You can really taste the curry flavours mingling with the sweet chilli and it works! Now as I often feel that the grass is greener; we had the tasting plate consisting of Oysters (served with ginger and fish sauce), Methi Prawns, Samosas (that worked best when combined with a honey/soy dripping sauce), Nonya Pork Rolls (very Yum Cha with a curry twist) and Satay Salad (lemon grass chicken with a tamarind sauce). Asian food is by its nature often fused together (Chinese-Malay, Vietnamese with French influence etc.). However with India and Thai on geographic opposite sides of the East, this was a wonderfully unique concoction with each cultural flavour distinctly identifiable but deliciously working together. Great meal, good prices and excellent service.

The Fannie Bay Coolspot
/ 492

1 Keith Lane 820, Darwin

Great food and coffee. Perfect location.

Seafood on Cullen
/ 543

51 Marina Bvd 820, Darwin

Fantastic place to go out. The seafood from the buffet is incredible, and you can watch the sun setting over the bay, which is lovely.

Tim's Surf & Turf
/ 430

10 Litchfield St 800, Darwin

Place is really great. We were entertained by a funny staff member with his magic tricks.

The Foreshore Restaurant & Cafe
/ 483

259 Casuarina Dr Nightcliff Foreshore 810, Darwin

We.broke a glass today when we are having breakfast this morning, the lovely lady there is Very nice and clean up the floor , ensure us not too worry about it. We want to say thanks to her.

The Precinct
/ 512

7 Kitchener Dr Darwin, NT. 0800 800, Darwin

This would rate as pub very plus meals..good staff and a great range of craft beers!..meals are all reasonably priced

Laneway Specialty Coffee
/ 354

U 4 1 Vickers St 820, Darwin

Great Melbourne or James Street Brisbane feel. Good coffee and great food.

Hot Tamale
/ 454

F 2 19 Kitchener Dr 800, Darwin

5 year old daughter loved the children meal. My bowl was beautiful and full, I don't eat rice and they made it without rice. My husband had taco, beautiful. Quick service, lovely staff, fresh food , great atmosphere. Yummy margarita

Cafe 21
/ 381

28 Smith St 800, Darwin

Great food with lots of variety. Sandwiches, breakfast and really good coffee and fruit drinks!

Pee Wee's at the Point
/ 282

Alec Fong Lim Drive, East Point Reserve 820, Darwin

This is in the top five in Darwin the best location bar none menu is very good the portions are all good a real dining experience the price is quickly forgotten as the experience is special we rate it 8 out if 10

/ 396

Stokes Hill Wharf 800, Darwin

I was keen to sample the local but instead got imported and frozen. Oysters from SA, Moreton Bay bugs, lobster from far north Qld and no mud crab…disappointing. The highlight of the menu was the crumbed Barramundi which was indeed sourced locally…that and the mangos. I think we just got unlucky with little catch of the day. Service though was top notch run by a family.

La Beach
/ 292

51 Marina Blvd 0, Darwin

Delicious fish and chips, and the view at sunset is superb.

Eva's Botanical Gardens Cafe
/ 333

Gardens Road George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens 800, Darwin

It's a really nice place with a great fountain




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