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The Best Restaurants in Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia

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26 Katoomba St 2780, Katoomba

This is our local for working breakfasts - open early enough to allow a full day at the office with great coffee and fast service - booths lend themselves more to meetings than tables. Nice and toasty on those cold mornings - great staff.

The Gingerbread House Katoomba
/ 204

56 Waratah St Cnr Lurline & Waratah Streets 2780, Katoomba

Expensive but you get what you pay for! (That's a good thing... you get good value!)

Blue Mountains Seafood
/ 108

191 Katoomba St, Katoomba

The best fish and chips in Australia! The atmosphere is really cool, with the decor resembling a fishmarket. Nice assortment of prawns and calamari options as well.

True to the Bean
/ 241

123 Katoomba St 2780, Katoomba

Great service and coffee , will use again.

Season Sushi
/ 132

Katoomba Street 2780, Katoomba

Nice and clean and very fresh. Not a huge variety but something for everyone.

Domino's Pizza Katoomba
/ 236

162 Katoomba St 2780, Katoomba

This is the best dominos in the country. The pizza tastes quite authentic and the delivery is right on time wherever you are.

The Hatter's Cafe
/ 295

U 1 197 Katoomba St 2780, Katoomba

Had Fish and chips and it was very good.

/ 157

54A Waratah St 2780, Katoomba

SUPERB. I was so ill with jetlag and the flu when I got to the Blue Mountains that I just craved a super hot curry to blow the cold out. Looked up on google maps for an Indian and luckily the first place was only open for dinner so I ended up going to Anki's. Don't worry about the modest appearance - looks aren't everything, especially in this place. I'm glad I followed the last review's advice - the goat vindaloo IS superb. I asked for hot and they gave me the most amazingly spicy yet TASTEABLE curry I have ever had, usually when I ask for super hot it just ends up killing the flavour completely. Not the case here. The waiter was most helpful and when asked if I wanted naan for me and my partner, I asked how big then went "Oh maybe two then" and was advised not to. Which was the correct advice - the naan was big. All in all, best Indian ever - even my partner who has rarely ever had Indian was very impressed. 5/5

Arjuna Indian Restaurant
/ 178

16 Valley Rd 2780, Katoomba

When talking a bushwalk in the Blue Mountains we always visit the Arjuna afterwards. The food is excellent - one of the best Indian restaurants. The Korma is really great! Go straight to the main course, the starters are only average compared to the rest of the food. The atmosphere and view of the restaurant are really nice, too. There is one drawback: The service is really horrible. Not only once, oh no. It was horrible every time I've been there. Here some of stuff that happened there: - they refused to split a bill when we were there with several people - the waitress once took the order of my friend, then just turned around and went away - she forgot to take my order, but that day we were just two people. How can you forget one patron if there are only two at the table? - one time we asked for some more tap water and had to wait 45 minutes for it - minor stuff which all adds up: there is one waitress who never smiles, sometimes they don't light the candles, talk a bit rudely As you have probably guessed it's not the service we are coming back for. If you can tolerate bad service in exchange for good Indian food, then I recommend the Arjuna.

Lurline House
/ 96

122 Lurline St, Katoomba

We had one extremely enjoyable night at Lurline House. Our room was just delightful, the bed was very comfortable, and the cleanliness was faultless. Peter the host, made us feel very welcome and was very attentive to our needs. The breakfast, well what a spread, excellent. We have stayed in many bed and breakfasts over the years and this would certainly rate in our top five.

Miss Lilian Tea House
/ 102

5 - 19 Lilianfels Ave 5/ 2780, Katoomba

Dream pho and outstanding dumplings. The crispy spring rolls were delicious. What a find. They have beautifully made teas here too. I don't usually drink herbal but these were refreshing and artistic to boot.

Gasiinsamut Thai Fusion
/ 170

172 Katoomba St 2780, Katoomba

Lovely meal. Obviously a family business! Loved the vibe. Saw other reviews and realised that some of the other reviews were carried out by professional contestants on master chief.

The Lookout Echo Point
/ 220

33 Echo Point Rd, Katoomba

Stunning views with outside seating options. The baked eggs with Chorizo are to die for!

Tibet Kitchen
/ 83

10 Katoomba St 2780, Katoomba

Simple but tasty Tibetan fare at extremely reasonable prices.

Plantbased Wholefoods
/ 72

97 Katoomba Street 2780, Katoomba

Good vegan food range. Loved them




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