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The Best 15 Restaurants in Bondi, New South Wales, Australia

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Bonditony's Burger Joint
/ 524

1/144-148 Glenayr Ave 2026, Bondi

If you are ready to queue a bit, you'll experience the best burger joint in Sydney (to my opinion). Not only the burgers are great but the staff is friendly and the ambiance and the crowd cool. Tony is friendly and welcoming - he offered my mate and I some shot for accepting to move table to give space to a big group. The only thing I'd regret is that the potato fries are not home made - but you can opt for the sweet potato one that are.

Hurricane's Grill & Bar Bondi Beach
/ 709

130 Roscoe St 2026, Bondi

went to bondi beach with my girlfriend and quickly chose this restaurant. I didn't make any booking so they can only give me a seat for 1.5hr or so, but it's fine as we're quick diners. The pork ribs are soooooo goooood. Perfect for a meat lover like me. We also ordered a prawn meal and it's just fantastic. Service is good, I dont know why some people complained on their service. I'LL BE BACK!

Icebergs Dining Room and Bar
/ 676

1 Notts Ave 2026, Bondi

Good food, full of expensive wankery.

Icebergs Club Bistro
/ 602

1 Notts Ave Bondi Icebergs Club 2026, Bondi

Just rating the pool. Love swimming here. As a foreigner living here, this is just an amazing swimming location. I'll miss this when I'm gone.

/ 396

G09/180 Campbell Parade 2026, Bondi

Best butcher in Sydney. Puts Victor Churchill in Paddington to shame. The Iceberg melts in your mouth but make sure you get tips on how to cook it perfectly!! It doesn't matter if you just want a sirloin or a burger patty, Peter's produce is by far the best in Sydney. Make sure you eat in from time to time to let them show you what proper burger and steaks taste like.

Bondi Trattoria
/ 399

34B Campbell Pde Bondi Beach 2026, Bondi

One of my favorite cafe - great view

North Bondi RSL Club
/ 384

118-120 Ramsgate Ave 2026, Bondi

Über basic interior, but exactly what you'd expect from an RSL - reasonably priced food and drinks, friendly staff and a chilled out crowd. Perfect for celebratory drinks post-City2Surf last weekend.

Lox Stock & Barrel
/ 337

140 Glenayr Ave 2026, Bondi

Lox stock and barrel is Bondi's newest cafe, and the crowds they are constantly bombarded with is a testament to how excited the locals are the have a great new place to enjoy breakfast or lunch. The menu is a bit different to most, which I like. Its main focus is bread, there re plenty of types to choose from, all freshly baked including sourdough, bagels and soy and linseed. From there you can pick a number of toppings like avo smash, scrambled eggs or house cured smoke salmon. I teamed my poached eggs with sourdough and a couple of potato Rostis which are delicious and served with cream cheese and a generous amount of herb coated salmon. Next time I will be coming back to try their beef brisket, which looks delicious. The coffee was also really nice and the service was friendly although a little all over the places but I went there on their second day of business so I am sure they are running like a well-oiled machine by now.

Eden Bondi
/ 240

L1, 180 Campbell Parade 2026, Bondi

Great selection of plant based food! If you are vegan or want to try good vegan food this is the place to come!! The waitresses are always friendly and attentive. Decent prices too. My new favourite Bondi Cafe

Brown Sugar Bondi
/ 268

106 Curlewis St 2026, Bondi

went here for sunday lunch, the food was great, cant fault it. The service was shocking, my friend ordered the mussels and then was told more than 5 minutes later there was no more and that the crab pasta wasn't available and then had to order the tuna pasta. And the food took a long time; more than 30 minutes and the waiters never apologised or acknowledged this no communication at all. We were only asked how the food was when consuming the food, we mentioned it took a long time but are enjoying the food and still no apology which was all we wanted.

Speedos Cafe
/ 409

126 Ramsgate Ave 2026, Bondi

Nice food. Outrageous price difference between eat in and take out though.

Funky Pies
/ 216

144-148 Glenayr Ave Shop 2 2026, Bondi

Being a vegan, this was the first time I have eaten a brownie (their desserts) in 5 years. I can tell you that it was absolutely fantastic. It reminded me exactly what brownies were like and my non-vegan friend said it was the best brownie he has ever had. The pies were also great, but the vegan brownie is what really got me - top work.

bills in Bondi Beach
/ 370

79 Hall St 2026, Bondi

Having been to Bills other locations this experience was sub-par. The coffee was perfect, and the wait staff were commendable on their service, it was excellent as expected, the kitchen however let them down. 1. The zucchini fritters with whole fried egg arrived and was exciting, but the egg was not even close to the cuisson requested. 2. The corn fritters which are a favourite of my friends was gluier than usual and just not as fresh, it felt like the batter was a little older. The bacon even was deep fried to a crisp. Just looking at the two dishes, it seemed like they have a big row of deep fryers in the kitchen! 3. So the staff offered to arrange another egg, which they came back to report would take 8min, and if we still wanted it, after waiting 30 mins there was still no egg.... Admittedly there is a higher expectation when you choose a place like this, but it failed to deliver. One might have thought a gesture on the "bill" may have been appropriate here.

North Bondi Fish
/ 396

120 Ramsgate Avenue North Bondi 2026, Bondi

Okay we went there for dinner after the RSL upstairs proved to be impossible, the service and staff were awseome they let 8 people without a booking come in, and the restaurant itself was amazing and you can't go wrong with Bondi views and they did have an excellent wine list which unfortunetley covered most of the menu which speaks volumes about food, for $9 entree I had the Prawn Bun which was nice but the way 3 measily prawns were served on a small bun on top meant it was kind of akward, okay for main meal I had the Crab Linguine which don't know if it was because of the time of day I ordered or the skill of the chef that cooked it because something was not right, the pasta was perfect (although thats not saying much cause it's kinda hard to screw up) but well here are my complaint's firstly there was not enough crab it was spread very thinly like ricotta and hardly enough of it to be a fulfilling meal which is something I expect at $29 also the sauce was abyssmal it was some kind of lemon chilli sauce but the lemon overpowered the crab and chilli was almost decoration, I cant remember the price of it but for desert I had the Donuts which were freshly cooked and came with a really good dark chocolate sauce and orange segments, there were only 2 though, overall it wasn't bad just woefully overpriced, i just got the sense the owners were trying to justify small portions by being "trendy", the kids meal burgers my sisters had upstairs beforehand were much more appealing afterwards.

Harrys Bondi
/ 262

136 Wairoa Avenue 2026, Bondi

Beautiful coffee, smoothie and pastries. Very good burger and breakfast and very friendly staff.




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