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The Best 15 Restaurants in Auburn, New South Wales, Australia

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/ 2045

22 Civic Rd 2144 , Auburn

This restaurant is located in close proximity to the Auburn station. The reason I chose to go there is because I have he

Student Biryani
/ 1873

42 Auburn Rd 2144 , Auburn

Well if you ask me what is my favourite food, without any hesitation my answer will be Biryani. When I first came to Syd

Krispy Kreme Auburn
/ 822

116-124 Parramatta Rd , Auburn

I will love Crispy Kreme donuts until the day I die ....They have sent my cholesterol amazingly high, I have really bulk

Tarim Uyghur Restaurant
/ 295

105 Rawson St Shop 105 2144 , Auburn

What is Uyghur food? As the website says, it's a mixture of turkish and chinese food. Who are the Uyghurs? They are an e

Hungry Jack's Burgers Auburn
/ 788

289 Parramatta Rd , Auburn

10 Star Experience. The Staff at Hungry Jacks are trained to offer world class service. The Food is awesome. It's a priv

Auburn Kebab House
/ 258

77 Rawson St 2144 , Auburn

Auburn Kebab Houses food taste amazing, the texture of the food looks very fresh and you just want to dive straight into

Morning Owl
/ 252

16/17 George Young St , Auburn

These guys are the west's best kept secret. From their warm and loving nature's, generosity, hospitality to their person

Cook & Co.
/ 244

Shop 3/66 Auburn Rd , Auburn

Cook & Co exceeds the standards of casual dining with quality food, high customer service and competitive pricing. The

Peranakan Place
/ 195

139 Parramatta Rd 2144 , Auburn

SO GOOD We had such an amazing meal tonight at a local place in Auburn called Peranakan Place Nonya Cuisine. So apparen

Auburn Fresh Juice Centre
/ 209

9 Auburn Rd 2144 , Auburn

One of the best fresh juice point. I just love their Faluda, it has different layers of their home made icecream, dry n

Mina Bakery
/ 245

142 S Parade 2144 , Auburn

A hot delight. Had a supreme pizza medium size for my lunch in this place. Surprisingly, the size and price for this pi

Darband Restaurant
/ 306

45 Rawson St Unit 9 2144 , Auburn

I've read some of the reviews on this place and I'm amazed how people think. They want a rolls Royce at the price of a b

Khaybar Restaurant
/ 273

64 Auburn Rd 2144 , Auburn

I was in Auburn for the Cherry Blossom Festival with a friend and on a whim I decided to take her to enjoy some Afghani

M Brothers
/ 195

7 Auburn Rd 2144 , Auburn

Great food, the interior and exterior done well as it did reopen recently. Biggest competition is New Star Kebab, which

Gaziantep Sweets
/ 166

shop 1/3-5 Station Rd , Auburn

Came here with a group of 5 friends on a rainy Thursday evening for some baklava and boy did this place not disappoint.

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